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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thank you, Eolian, Jeg and Charlotta ! Appreciate your kind words. :)

I had been wanting a Rikitea jewel tone for a very long time. When I least expected it, an opportunity came up, and I jumped on it. It started with the smaller strand of Rikiteas, I posted a while back. Adore the strand, and I usually go for small mm sizes. I have not had PSS. Then the larger strand became available and I jumped again! Love it and the size is fun for a change.
lol Hello, my name is AzFlyGirl, I am hopelessly addicted to those multi colored Ts. :rolleyes:

Eolian, that rope strand is sooooo pretty! I love all the colors, and the size of the pearls. It is truly perfection and true elegance. And you wear it well ! (as Rod Stewart sang back in the 70s! lol)

Jeg, love both those strands today. Always such a pleasure to see your Kasumi strand. And I love that FWP strand from Pacific Pearls. They look fantastic together......and as always they look fabulous with your splendid attire. Just lovely!

So today, I have a zoom doctor's appointment. Times have sure changed, as who would have thought a year ago, there would be video appointments?!! Raised by a Southern mom, her word's forever in my head...felt the need to dress a bit more respectable for the appointment! lol
A pastel T necklace from Cees
Cees T pastel 2  3.jpg


Wow, wow, wow! You ladies are killing me with these T’s! Those big Rikitea, AzFlyGirl - swoon! Jeg, I love everything, but especially the green combo. Eolian, your strand look so pretty - that’s a fabulous length on you!
I’m away at the beach and pearl free this week. Hoping for some pearly mail when I head home tomorrow, but just loving all your pearls on the meantime. And Jeg’s gorgeous carved pendant has me eyeing a (lesser, but still very nice) carved pendant by TreasureTide on Etsy...


New member
Those pastells looks great on you AzFlyGirl. I hope that your zoom doctor appointment went well. I had 2 phone doctor appointments this year as well. Very convinient, no travel time.


New member
Thank you SydK and Charlotta. I am thrilled by my Rikitea and feel fortunate to have them, after a very long time of admiring them. And as you can see my addition for multi color Ts, extends to pastels as well. lol! SydK, I admired your new pastel strand as well. it looked lovely on you when you posted the picture.

Charlotta, the zoom doc appointment was truly very slick! The Mayo had it down to a science. Once you download the zoom app. You call in at the time of your appointment, they transfer you and place you on hold. The doctor comes right on, and you can see and hear each other....like Face Time. Great experience today. With COVID exponentially rising, it is a safe way for medical personnel and patients to stay safe, if it is a non urgent appointment. I felt it was a very positive experience.


Traveling Pearl
Douglas, your wife only needs one rope- a Sea of Cortez, the rarest of them all!

Thanks so much, Charlotta, AzFlyGirl, and SydK! The Kasumi pearls are so special.:eek:

AzFlyGirl, that’s another pretty strand of Tahitians!

SydK, do I see a carved Tahitian pendant in your future??;)

eolian pearls

Active member
Thank you AzFlyGirl, Charlotta, Jeg, SydK and Douglas! I am very very happy with the tahitian love necklace!

AzFlyGirl your pastels are so lovely, and pearls from Cees always look so very special!

Jeg, the Kasumi and FWP combination is absolutely yummy!!!!

SydK I know what you mean about the carved pearl....on my wishlist too...this thread is very dangerous :)

Today a white shirt and floating tahitian pearl kind of day...


PG Forum Admin
Love the simplicity and the effect :)

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Douglas, no no no, your wife needs many ropes! There’s really no such thing as too many pearls! Research will lean in my favor, it must.


PG Forum Admin
Love to see your Pearls-Giving jewelry!!! :cool:


Traveling Pearl
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and cheers to page 1000!!

Eolian, the floating pearl is simplistic beauty!

Linda, your goldens just light up the page!

I also wore goldens. A Kojima pendant with two necklaces I put together. A mixed strand of goldens, and a station chain made with Myanmar keshi.



Active member
Eolian, love your floating Tahitian. Linda and JEG, love your Goldens. I still don't have a golden SS necklace. I have a few Golden SS pearls mixed in with my various mixed necklaces from Kojima, though.


Active member
Thank you all so much for posting these gorgeous pearls; such a treat! No pearls made it here after all; way too much steam, oven heat, dish soap flying around for pearl safety :). Your pearl photos keep me going, friends, and I'm very thankful.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks Charlotta, BWeaves and CathyKeshi!

Fiji pearls in subtle colors from Cees, and a harvest bracelet from Kamoka.



PG Forum Admin
I especially like the bracelet...has to do with both the brand and the idea behind a piece made of a "sampler" of the pearls of a year's given harvest. I would have love to have done that with some Cortez. The Fiji pearls are indeed subtle, but they still have quite a bit of those colors that make them so special :)


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Douglas! I feel the same way, the brand- Josh and Celeste:eek:, and the idea of the “Harvest” pieces that originated with Kamoka.

Hmmm, a Sea of Cortez harvest strand... now that I would love to see!