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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Amazing brooches Jeg! I love the ribbons you are wearing them with, very special look!
Ohhh, the wire-wrapping...not really my thing even the second time around, but if you don’t look too closely I made an OK pair of earrings...to go together with my new blue-green pearl from Nomore pearls that was just set with on a choker, I LOVE this pearl!


Love the cherries SydK! Especially with fuchsia, what a lovely strand!

I am back to soft colors, wearing earrings with pistacchio and blue akoyas and blue Tahitians from Simply Adorned, paired with two of my simole creations - a silverly Tahitian pendant on a labradorite chain and a labradorite rondelles bracelet with a blue akoya pearl (from LishaPearlJewelry on Etsy) and smallish freshwater keshis from Wen. The labradorite rondelles are very sparkly, but hard to photograph...



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I really like the Abalone shell and black pearl combination. It plays along perfectly.
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Traveling Pearl
Thank you SydK and eolian!

Beautiful cherry T’s with your top, SydK!

Eolian, the earrings look great! I love the abalone, and both the earring and pendant combinations.

Harvest strand from a PP Ruckus.


Happy Huku

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Always a pleasure to look at this thread - and jeg, love the outfits almost as much as the pearls!


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Beautiful rope Jeg. It looks like each side matches the other, I would imagine that would take quite a collection of pearls. Or pairs maybe.


That symmetrical rope is amazing, Jeg - what a beautifully put together strand. It looks great with the scarf.
Eolian, your silvery set is beautiful. I love labradorite. The colours in the abalone shells and choker are splendid.
I wore huge peacock Tahitian studs today. Lovely pearls, but I just cannot take a good photo of earrings when they’re on my ears.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Happy Huku, Charlotta, and SydK! Yes, the ropes were assembled at the farm in the Phillipines, where they have the resources to match pairs for creating such pieces. And thanks Happy Huku for your comment about the clothes. Trying to get dressed at least for part of the day even if I’m not doing anything special. It’s my entertainment these days to go through the closets and mix and match clothes and pearls.

Something new from Kojima! A uniquely carved Tahitian pendant on a vintage Akoya keshi necklace. I love the way the color banding on the pearl was incorporated into the design. Worn with a copper Tahitian strand from PP.





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Love the carved Tahitian and the keshi necklace...a true WOW! :cool:
Wow, what an incredible carved pearl Jeg! A joint work of art of nature and man...Amazing! How big is it?

Thank you all for your appreciation of abalone pearl earrings and silverly set!
Today I have tried to take picture of the final version of my Tahitian love necklace with the darker central pearls from Druzy, I am very happy with it, just cant really get a good picture while wearing the necklace, will definitely wear it a lot so a better picture will hopefully come soon...



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Thank you Charlotta! It is almost 22 inches long, one “last”pearl is still missing, there was one from Druzy that was just too dark for this necklace that I will use in another project.
I still have a silver/white tahitian from Jac waiting for me in the US at my friends house that might be the perfect last pearl, the friend was supposed to come to Europe last April...here’s hoping we will meet next year...In the meantime I will enjoy this necklace as it is...


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Charlotta, Douglas, Katbran and eolian! I think the carving is pretty cool. Eolian, the pearl is 13mm.

Your Tahitian Love strand looks so pretty just as it is, eolian! Enjoy wearing it!!


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Dear Pearl-Guiders! We have Thanksgiving upon us! Why don´t you share with us all what your "Pearl-Giving" evening wear will be like for this year?
What is your indispensable pearl-wear for this year's event?!?!?
I say: This strange year and its oddities cannot put a Stop on Pearldom!!!! (You may picture me as William Wallace, shouting "Pearl Freeedooom!!" if you will ;) )
Please share! And let the WORLD enjoy Pearlsgiving! :D
Have a great weekend!


Traveling Pearl
Ok, you’re on, Douglas! Except I’m not sure what that will be yet. Will have to stay tuned for next week. In the meantime...
A long rope of silvery blue Japanese Akoya with a Tahitian dangle from Kojima, and a short strand of Tahitians from PP.




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Okay, Douglas, I'll play too. Might take me a few days to figure out what pearls look best with a flannel lounge rope, a pair of quilted slippers and a raw turkey ... but I'll try!