Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Toooooo far behind and toooo many gorgeous pearls !! But that multicolour / size rope jeg ..... always fabulous.

Cathy - oh dear ! That is a bit tricky isn't it. Fortunately it doesn't sound like he's done any damage by following the new guys advice. What a potential disaster that could have been. I hope he's feeling better and the pain isn't too bad, I'm sure it's very achey! Big hugs for Walter and his faithful nurse !!

Cant beat some pretty white drops !! And the cluster is really cute !

BWeaves - I love the colour of the drops. A lovely shape as well. They compliment that fabulous pendant so perfectly. Of all the dyed pearls I've seen, the blue grey look the best. I picked some up a couple of years ago just because the colour was so wonderful !
THANKS Katbran. Yep, it's flip a coin, who do we listen to this week??? The new dressing technique seems to be helping the open incision spot to maybe (fingers crossed!) begin to heal, and the awful rash hasn't come back ... YAY! Received a brand new boot, and the lady from the medical supply company told me she's seen such before; says it's not an uncommon reaction to neoprene off-gasing ... oh, FUN. Lucky for Walter, he has no pain in the ankle or leg at all.

Jeg, the copper Tahitians are so pretty, and that top is adorable. Oh, and the rest of us have witch with a finger in a light socket quarantine hair, but your long hair is looking fabulous!
Jeg, that combo is perfection. Those spotted seashells are the cutest.

Oh dear, just as I was starting to head towards Ban Island with renewed determination, a preloved abalone mabe from Pacific Blue pearls leapt out in front of me at a reasonable price... what else could I do...? Fingers crossed it’s the real deal.
Thank you Charlotta, 86C, Katbran, CathyKeshi and SydK!

Thank you for the info 86C. I had my eyes on a different type of flower but they weren’t shipping from the US. Now I’ve got my mind set on snowflakes! No hurry if the shipping takes a couple months.

Cathy, I have been wanting to get my hair trimmed, but the local Super Cuts I go to has been closed. I might be tripping over my hair before this is all over.;)

Well, it was a good effort, SydK!:rolleyes: Please share when you get it!
Ooh, my new blue pearl arrived at record speed. Apparently this is a middle-grade (B) pearl - the A and gem quality must really be something, because the B is pretty nice!
It’s very pretty, SydK! Worth postponing Ban Island!:D Tomorrow’s another day...
What a pretty pendant, SydK! I've never heard of these pearls. They're definitely unique!

Jeg, your Myanmar strand is beautiful & makes me want to jump Ban Island to go find one. I don't have a White & Golden SS strand & it's been on my wish list for a while. Oh, the temptation!!
SydK I see you had a gorgeous Blue escape from Ban Island ... congratulations!

Top pearls of all time, those Myanmar strands, Jeg ... they are so unique.

i might have fallen off a Ban Island cliff myself ...
Thanks so much 86C and CathyKeshi!! I love the pearls.:eek:
No fair teasing, Cathy! Do share. Either that or we might have to vote you off the island...;)
Wow, you all have very beautiful collections of pearls! I am looking for a south sea pearl ring. Found some on Pearls Lover at good price. Has anyone shopped with them before? Can i trust them? Thank you!!
I replied on your new thread about the same...I think that is an unrealistically low price for what it purports to be.
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Thanks so much ParrotLady, Bernadette and Charlotta!

Sparkle and Spice necklace from Kojima, silver Tahitians from PBTB, and little h Tahitian and ruby earrings.

Oh, Jeg! I love them all, especially the little h earrings! Love the long silvery strand but have no idea what PBTB stands for. LOL