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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
beautiful blue baroque akoya bas! i like the drops from your diamond studs a lot. that would be a way for me to start wearing my studs again, they barely get any wear now that i am pearl obsessed, lol.
thanks for giving me an idea of the mm of your strand pkinnew. that's really cool that they are graduated, i love graduated strands!
i wore over the weekend my metallic oval PP rope with my antique cameo to a wedding, i liked the way they looked together :)


New member
BAS - Your blues look gorgeous on both you and your daughter - I'm amazed you got them back! And diamonds always go with pearls!!

funky_pearl - The pearl and cameo combination is so refined and elegant!

Today I'me wearing my Kojima Akoya and white SS strand. I doubled it and then realized it looks so much better twisted!


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New member
Thank you, ladies. I only wear her in warm weather. It's one of the most beautiful pearls I've laid eyes on. I just love it!


New member
Pkinnew, that cream akoya/white SS necklace from Sarah is one of my very favorite pieces ever ... I like it both ways ... thanks for letting it out to play!!!

BAS, so lovely to see you in Fire Goddess again :)


New member

I love my golden klonks, and I'm constantly trying to find ways to wear them with casual and business casual clothing. Here they are with a cotton tee in a painterly print. (Pardon the grainy photo.)


baby nurse

New member
Cyndayco, your golden South Seas are breathtaking! Good for you for wearing them as often as you can.

BAS, it's so nice to see Fire Goddess! Somehow I'd forgotten just how beautiful she is!


New member
Thanks, ladies. The last two years maxed out my pearl money, so I'm just focused on how to style for pearls. That, and de-stashing.