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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
You look lovely, Red. Your Kojima necklace is a great length & has such a personality!

Wow, Jeg. What an interesting piece and it goes so well with other pearl combinations! Great choice!

Parrot Lady

New member
The wayward pearls from Cees were finally delivered today. Instituting a trace on them seemed to do the trick and I even got a call from my local post office this morning saying they were on the truck and heading my way. First, Cees glamour shot.


Nest, my not as glamorous but still gorgeous shot, and the finished product. I knotted them in Beader’s Secret Teal. I wish I had good light for photographing pearls, but the light is bad in every single room. I can see the colors, but the camera can’t. I laid out all my Tahitian earrings next to the necklace and was shocked to see the different colors in my earrings which all look exactly the same color green in my jewelry drawer. I had no idea.



New member
Parrot Lady- such luster! They are gorgeous and glad they finally arrived safe and sound.

Red your pearls look great with your attire. I love the mixture of gems and pearls.

Jeg- I need to add to the admiration of your neon teal pearl ring. Gorgeous!


New member
This was a busy day in this thread, with so many beautiful additions!

Gemandpearlover, your re-worked strands are beautiful. They look great on you!

Red, the Kojima strand is so, so, so pretty! The pearls gleam.

And speaking of gleam, jeg, your green T. ring is absolutely amazing on my monitor! That's the colour green I was after for some studs. [Insert heart emoji]

Parrot Lady, what a relief that your beautiful strand arrived—that lustre is gorgeous. Teal's a great colour thread to use.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks Charlotte and jeg. Jeg, most of Serena’s clothing line does not say flower fairy. I liked this top because the “S” is a lot smaller than on most of her tops.

Haha- she doesn’t strike me as the flower fairy type!;)

Thanks so much, 86C, ParrotLady, Gemandpearlover, and CricketBug!

ParrotLady- what a happy thing for your package to finally find its way. It was worth waiting for, the necklace is a great one!


New member
Jeg, lovely outfit and that green pearl on the ring sure is green, gorgeous.
Parrot Lady, I am so happy that your strand finally arrived and it's beautiful. Such colorful pearls an gorgeous luster. Light for pearls are tricky. At the summer cabin we have an outdoor room with a see-through roof and the lights are great there on most overcast days or in late afternoon, it's sort of a giant lightbox. At home we don't have such a nifty room so there I have to wait until the sun shines, draw the curtains in the kitchen, put the pearls on a white cloth on a counter and stand between the curtains and the pearls to get good photos. What we do for pearl photos...I told not-husband that I need a lightroom for home as well...


Traveling Pearl
More pearls from Pearls By The Bay! Very unique earrings that I saw sitting on the table. I didn’t think I could wear such long earrings, but I liked them once I tried them on. They have Tahitian, SS, aquamarine, pearl wrapped balls, puka shells and vintage “fish hook” carvings.



New member
Nice earrings Jeg, what are those little figures suppose to be. Couldn't see clearly, but I bet they aren't alien skulls like it looks like to me...


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, 86C, lmgarden, Charlotta and BWeaves! Charlotta, the little vintage carvings are possibly from the Marquesas Islands. They look like Tiki carvings to me.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you CricketBug, 2thdktr and Katbran!!

A deep purply, burgandy strand from Pearls By The Bay, and a flower ring with Tahitian pearl from Hawaii (a couple years ago).