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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Welcome, tahitian_blue! Isn't Aloha Pearls fun? I visited (for not nearly enough time!) early this year and purchased a big blue Tahitian to wear as a bracelet on leather. I could have spent all day there and gone back again...

Your necklace looks glorious!


Active member
Tahitian_blue, that's a gorgeous necklace! The pearls are so smooth & lustrous!! You will enjoy wearing those for decades!

What a beautiful pin, Parrot Lady! I'm sure you & your jeweler can figure out a way to convert it into a clasp. It has wonderful family history & legacy. I hope your Tahitians arrive soon. Sometimes things get hung up in customs & you think they're lost but the do finally arrive. Praying yours are not lost.

Parrot Lady

New member
The Tahitians from Cees cleared customs in NY in Aug. 8. The last tracking info had them in Jamaica, NY on Aug. 12. It has never taken more than a few days to get to me once things clear customs. I’ve initiated a search with the post office. No word yet.


New member
Parrot Lady. That’s a long time, but hopefully they will show up soon. In sweden the swedish postal service often keeps my packages for 3weeks before sending them to me. Usually with packages from China and USA, I don't know why. Thailand, England and Holland goes quicker, that’s where I usually shop from.


Traveling Pearl
That is a lovely strand you put together Tahitian_blue! I have made some purchases from Aloha Pearls at shows, but have yet to get out to their office in Kaneohe.

I sure hope your pearls find their way soon, ParrotLady!


Traveling Pearl
I’m back home now, but here are a few more local finds from my trip.

Monstera earrings and a dress by an Oahu based designer. I also bought it in a greenish color. Worn with my SS strand from POJ. (SS pearls grown in wild oysters from Australia)


And a happy find as I was looking in a store supporting local artists. More pearl cascading jewelry! These are made of turquoise, peridot and Amazonite. Oh, I also noticed on the tag that the pink stones on the other earrings are chalcedony.




Active member
JEG, I love your new treasures.

It's still way too hot and steamy and rainy here, but I did manage to wear some pearls yesterday.

SoC ring from Douglas and PP setting. It's really hard to photograph with one hand. I can't get it in focus.


Kasumi pearl earrings with amethyst and Kasumi pendant, and two Freshwater keshi necklaces all from Kojima. I haven't combined these three necklaces before. They work better together than I thought they would. I think all the yellow gold accents really pulls them together.



Active member
It's been way too hot and steamy to wear pearls in central Florida right now. I'm sweating sunscreen and I don't want to get it all over my pearls. I do miss wearing my pearls.


New member
Today I'm wearing my white south sea studs. These one is the perfect size for every day, 9.4mm. I'm not wearing any other pearls since it is very dark and rainy and I'm wearing an brown cashmere hoddy. The studs are the only thing one can see anyway with that sweater (I don't accually use the hoddy part, luring around like some villan), but it's so soft and cosy. Not cold really, about 64 Fahrenheit. These are nice classic studs.
I do have another pair of white south sea studs, very baroque and huge 13-14mm. Not really comfortable. They have the same color even though the bigger ones appears to be more yellow.