Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

That's also a gorgeous look, PD. Your necklace/chain is reminiscent of an omega necklace, but with an interesting texture.
PD, the Tahitian mabé is beautiful and looks like it was made for the tubogas necklace (thanks for the link, I had never heard of tubogas).. i only have one piece of jewelry handed down from my mother’s mother. By the time her jewelry was divided up among all the children, there wasn’t much. My mother, and now me, ended up with a diamond and seed pearl brooch. Lovely, but not something I’ve ever worn.
I'm so excited to have found this forum! I've lost myself for a few hours looking at all of your amazing pearls!

I am eagerly awaiting my first tahitian pearl necklace, and I was lucky enough to choose the loose pearls in person and design it myself. Then I flew home without it while they drilled and strung it for me. *insert sad face* Time feels like it's crawling.... but they surprised me with pictures before they shipped it!

I wanted to share the pictures with you all! These are taken under the (insanely harsh) bright fluorescent lights of the showroom at Aloha Pearls in Kaneohe, HI (Oahu). I can't wait to see what they look like in natural light!

Here they are before drilling:

This is the finished strand!

I'm over-the-moon-excited for them to arrive! Should have them tomorrow!

PD, I’m not sure it would make a good clasp, but I’m considering having a bail added so that I can wear it as a pendant. It is a watch pin. It was given to my grandmother by my grandfather on the day of their wedding in 1905. She pinned it to her gown and from then on, all the family brides wore it pinned to their wedding dresses...except me. My mother couldn’t find it for my wedding. It’s known as “the bride’s pin”
Tahitian_blue the colors are beautiful. I’m waiting for some Tahitians from Cees that I suspect may be lost (insert sad face here).
What a nice tradition, Parrot Lady!

I could see a vertical bail behind the crown that would enable it to be worn as a slide on an omega necklace.

Oh, no, lost? Have they been very long in arriving? What is happening with the tracking? Maybe they are delayed in Customs?
That’s a beautiful strand tahitian_blue, gorgeous colors. I can see why it was hard to leave.
Parrot Lady, beautiful pin and what a nice tradition. How long have you been waiting for your package? Have you tracked it?
Welcome, tahitian_blue! Isn't Aloha Pearls fun? I visited (for not nearly enough time!) early this year and purchased a big blue Tahitian to wear as a bracelet on leather. I could have spent all day there and gone back again...

Your necklace looks glorious!
Tahitian_blue, that's a gorgeous necklace! The pearls are so smooth & lustrous!! You will enjoy wearing those for decades!

What a beautiful pin, Parrot Lady! I'm sure you & your jeweler can figure out a way to convert it into a clasp. It has wonderful family history & legacy. I hope your Tahitians arrive soon. Sometimes things get hung up in customs & you think they're lost but the do finally arrive. Praying yours are not lost.
The Tahitians from Cees cleared customs in NY in Aug. 8. The last tracking info had them in Jamaica, NY on Aug. 12. It has never taken more than a few days to get to me once things clear customs. I’ve initiated a search with the post office. No word yet.
That is a long time, but sometimes starting a search shakes things loose. I hope this works out for you.
Parrot Lady. That’s a long time, but hopefully they will show up soon. In sweden the swedish postal service often keeps my packages for 3weeks before sending them to me. Usually with packages from China and USA, I don't know why. Thailand, England and Holland goes quicker, that’s where I usually shop from.
That is a lovely strand you put together Tahitian_blue! I have made some purchases from Aloha Pearls at shows, but have yet to get out to their office in Kaneohe.

I sure hope your pearls find their way soon, ParrotLady!
I’m back home now, but here are a few more local finds from my trip.

Monstera earrings and a dress by an Oahu based designer. I also bought it in a greenish color. Worn with my SS strand.


And a happy find as I was looking in a store supporting local artists. More pearl cascading jewelry! These are made of turquoise, peridot and Amazonite. Oh, I also noticed on the tag that the pink stones on the other earrings are chalcedony.