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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, CricketBug and 86C!

86C, that’s a delicate and light look, perfect for your hot weather- ugh! You are very dedicated putting anything around your neck in the heat!


Active member
Thank you, CricketBug & Jeg. It does sort of have a tiara look. LOL It was more humid than hot today. We've gotten a lot of rain lately so the temps are bringing out the humidity in the ground. It's the South.

Jeg, love your Pearl Medley rope! The pink of your sweater really brings out the pinks in the strand & the Tahitian drop pendant is perfect with the rope.
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New member
First of all , Thanks you for the lovely comments !! Charlotta, BWeaves, jeg,Pearl Dreams, Cricketbug,and 86 Corvettegirl ! Most kind of you. I can certainly recommend Cees pearls !!

ParrotLady - I know just what those gorgeous big flat Freshwaters look like - beautiful pink, blue and green flashes !
jeg - wow... so many pearls lol The pastel Tahitians are so pretty , soft yet distinct colours ! The Bi Colour FiJi bracelet is beautiful .. I love the creams and browns in the Fiji pearls ! And of course - your wonderful Tahitian Keshi station necklace.. great pattern ! And finally that
marvellous Pearl Medley necklace - it looks just perfect with pink ! Your outfits are just great... you have such style !

Charlotta - I love the Tahitian Keshi necklace , I've bought a few Tahitian Keshi from DrusyD and they were all beautiful. They have good stock.

86 Corvette - Well aren't you Pretty in Pink ! That delicate drop shaped necklace is so darn pretty !


New member
Happy sigh... jeg, I see a combo you wear and think, "That's my favourite combo (or strand)!" Until you post another picture of a different combo and I have the repeat thought. LOL! I love all the combos!


New member
Katbran, your Riki strand though :D I agree, Cees is absolutely wonderful! I wish I had more pocket money to get things from him instead of it being a "when the yearly bonus rolls in" thing... ;)


New member
86Corvettegirl, such a pretty combination those two freshwater strands are. The drops are gorgeous.
Jeg, the pearl medley strand is beautiful, your outfits are always glorious.


Active member
Hehehe, I love the tiara necklace, too. Plus everything JEG is wearing. I don't know how many times I can repeat that, but I will.


Active member
Thank you, Katbran, Charlotta, Pattye, & BW. Y'all are so sweet. I have the drop necklace in white FW as well. I never thought to put them with a strand for a tiara look but when I put the multi with the pink, I liked the look. Until now, I wore them alone. You ladies are an inspiration to me to try new combinations!!


New member
86Corvettegirl I love the delicate color and wonderful pairing of your pink pearl necklaces. Very cool and fresh looking for a hot day.

Jeg- You have the most lovely collection of Tahitians- with so many different combinations in your necklaces- just beautiful.