Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Katbran, your Riki strand though :D I agree, Cees is absolutely wonderful! I wish I had more pocket money to get things from him instead of it being a "when the yearly bonus rolls in" thing... ;)
86Corvettegirl, such a pretty combination those two freshwater strands are. The drops are gorgeous.
Jeg, the pearl medley strand is beautiful, your outfits are always glorious.
Hehehe, I love the tiara necklace, too. Plus everything JEG is wearing. I don't know how many times I can repeat that, but I will.
Thank you, Katbran, Charlotta, Pattye, & BW. Y'all are so sweet. I have the drop necklace in white FW as well. I never thought to put them with a strand for a tiara look but when I put the multi with the pink, I liked the look. Until now, I wore them alone. You ladies are an inspiration to me to try new combinations!!
86Corvettegirl I love the delicate color and wonderful pairing of your pink pearl necklaces. Very cool and fresh looking for a hot day.

Jeg- You have the most lovely collection of Tahitians- with so many different combinations in your necklaces- just beautiful.
Today is just a casual day of shopping. Wearing blue/grey/white Akoyas with Tahitians. I had a lot of fun stringing these necklaces.

blue/grey/white Akoyas with Tahitians
Gemandpearllover, your creations are gorgeous. Love the blue, grey, white colors.
Went to dinner with the hubby for our 17th wedding anniversary. I wore my green Tahitians intertwined with my 9.5-10mm white Akoya strand from PP VIP sale from a while back. I also wore my Tanzanite, diamond & green Tahitian drop earrings.
I know this pic will show up sideways or upside down because I forgot to rotate my phone while taking the pic in the car. LOL

green Tahitians intertwined with my 9.5-10mm white Akoya strand from PP VIP sale
Gemandpearl- I really like your combination necklaces ! I find mixing pearls to be great fun and your's look wonderful !

Corvettegirl- I like the intertwined green and white. The lustre really comes through in the photo ! I have never bought many Akoya, with the exception of blue baroques , but I'm tempted to get one of the larger sized strands... the lustre is just so strong !
86Corvettegirl, a beautiful combination and congratulations on your anniversary, I hope you both had a lovely time celebrating it.
86C, you look very “glam” (Happy Anniversary)! I love the colour combo and the lustre is beautiful!
86Corvettegirl you look stunning. Your pearls are beautiful and look lovely combined.

Thank you 86C, Charlotta, Cricketbug and Katbran for your kind comments. I have been inspired by all of you and your beautiful pearls. Sometimes I re-read old threads just to look at your pearl necklaces because they are so beautiful.
Thank you, Katbran, Charlotta, CricketBug, & Gemandpearlover! We had a great time eating cajun food & listening to blues & jazz from the live band. It was a great evening & celebration. The restaurant comped our drinks & desserts for the evening & the band played a love song for us to dance to!
The luster of the pearls really did come out with this pairing. The green pearls & earrings were a gift from hubby last year. The Akoya strand was one I was able to snag from one of the VIP launches.
86Corvettegirl, I have found that if I edit my photos and cut them they don't turn the wrong way. I don't have to cut much, I have an Android phone though, don't know if it works with other phones.