Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Those blues, Jeg! And as always, your clothes!! You always look both comfortable and stylish :D

Charlotta - I hope new kitty gives lots of good memories, as well as solace and distraction right now. Many hugs and sympathy to you and yours.
Thank you so much 86C, Charlotta, Katbran and jesskat! Jesskat- absolutely comfort first! :eek:

That’s a very pretty SS strand, Charlotta. And your new kitty...! Looks very at home already.:D
Thank you Jeg. It's the bravest kitten I have ever met. It was raised with children and big dogs so maybe because of that. She just doesn't let the older kittens cranky behaviour bather her.
Thank you, Katbran.
Charlotta, you SS from Cees are beautiful. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. New kitten is so cute. I'm sure big Kitten will stop pouting & make friends soon. They're so adorable at this age.
Your WSS pearls look so beautiful, Charlotta. It must have been comforting for your mom to wear a special strand of yours, as well.

The new kitten is gorgeous! They're so adorable, especially when they're wee ones just learning how to jump and play. :)
jeg, I love that Tahitian strand especially that orchid clasp.

Charlotta, how meaningful to gift your father with the flowers you grew in your garden, and how nice to have a new kitten to make you laugh. Midsummer is in a couple of days, will you celebrate?
It's been toooooo hot here to wear pearls, and storming, so I don't want to get the knots wet. I've mostly been wearing my gold and stones instead of my pearls, but I have managed to sneak a few pearls in here and there. Mostly I've been enjoying viewing all your pearls!!!!

Lighting is very harsh in the summer.

Kasumis from Kojima.

Kasumis from Kojima

Judy Jetson necklace and Mikimoto earrings.

Judy Jetson necklace and Mikimoto earrings

The Swan pendant, and drop earrings from Kojima.

The Swan pendant, and drop earrings from Kojima

Everything Bagel rope, mixed tin-cup, and ombre Tahitan keshi tin-cup from Kojima. Metallic drops on Mom's diamond oval earrings.

Everything Bagel rope, mixed tin-cup, and ombre Tahitan keshi tin-cup from Kojima

Metallic drops on Mom's diamond oval earrings
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BWeaves, you were able to sneak in a lot of days of gorgeous pearl wearing!

Thank you ParrotLady!:eek:

Edison pendant from PP, with a pearl medley strand from Kojima.
Edison pendant from PP, with a pearl medley strand from Kojima

Pearl Paradise Edison pendant, pearl medley strand Kojima

Two Edison strands from PP.

Two Edison strands from PP
Pearl Paradise - two Edison pearl strands
Thank you 86Corvettegirl, Cricketbug and Parrot Lady. Parrot Lady, yes we will celebrate midsummer, light version with one of not-husbands daughter, daughters partner and babygirl. The little girl is 1 1/2 and so funny and I am one of her favorite persons (even prefered over not-husband who is her grandfather, haha). We arrived at the summer cabin last night and the little girl loves the new kitten, since it's grown up with children they could play (supervised of course). We might go to some festivities by the closest church if the weather still is nice by then, will be fun for the little girl. Then traditional midsummerfood of new potatoes with dill, sill and strawberries. So it will be a quiet nice familyday.
Beautiful pearls Bweaves and Jeg. Bweaves, I really like the kasumiearrings. How different are they compared to ripples? I have never seen real kasumis in real life. Ripples sometimes disapoints me, and mine never looks good in sunshine.
Jeg, the medleystrand is gorgeous.
JEG: Love your clothes and your pearls.

Charlotta: I cannot tell the difference between Kasumi pearls and good Chinese ripples. I have seen a lot of lower grade Chinese ripples that I've sent back or thought were very disappointing. Usually a necklace might have one great pearl and the rest were disappointing. Most of the real Kasumi pearls I've seen have been from Kojima or Pacific Pearl and they are very good quality and the whole necklace was full of good pearls. I've also bought Chinese ripples from Kojima and Pacific Pearl and they are also top quality and rival the Kasumi pearls. Since both are trusted vendors I've bought from before, I know that price marked on their website is a good indication of the pearl quality. You get what you pay for. I would be much more skeptical of eBay sellers who claimed Kasumi pearls, or had a great photo but had 10 necklaces available, so you're not going to get the one in the photo. Each necklace is unique. Like Tahitians, I looked at or ordered and returned quite a few before I found ones I liked.
Thank you Bweaves. I never have any trouble with tahitians anymore (because I get better ones probably), but freshwater pearls and I don't always gets along. Often they have a yellow or peach shade/tint to them that don't look good on me, and though I have a ripple strand that I like I kind of like tahitians better. If kasumis and ripples really are alike, even in colortones then it might be better to get good ripple once.
BW, looks like you snuck some beautiful pearls in! LOL Yes, it's very hot right now with pop up rain showers. Weather is not conducive to pearl stacks at the moment!
Jeg, love your pearls! The Pearl Medley rope is like BW's Everything Bagel rope.....fantastic to layer with other strands & necklaces!! I need something like that. Another item for the wish list.

The luster on those metallic strands are strikingly beautiful!! Such wonderful looks!!
Thank you so much Katbran, Charlotta, JerseyPearl, BWeaves and 86C!

BWeaves and 86C, I don’t think I’d be able to wear any kind of jewelry in your climate. I would be completely dripping.

Always happy to help you add to your wish list 86C!;)
Yes, Jeg, it's hot & humid here. It's tough to wear jewelry but air conditioning is our friend. LOL Today was dreadfully humid so I wore my carved Tahitian 15mm pendant & earrings...something light. Lots of greens in these even though you can't really tell from the pics.

carved Tahitian 15mm pendant & earringscarved Tahitian 15mm pendant
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