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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
86C—Wow! Your combo looks wonderful on you! You are SO correct—it's never too hot (or cold, or anything else) for Tahitians! ;)


Traveling Pearl
Gemandpearlover and Charlotta, you both created some fun, colorful strands and combinations! Well done!

86C, your Tahitian combinations work so well together. I especially like the contrast in colors in the bottom strand, and Happy Anniversary btw!

Blue Tahitian strand with Monili orchid clasp and tiny abalone pearl from PP.


Kamoka tin cup and a Tahitian keshi station necklace. The Tahitian pendant is from Hawaii.



Active member
Thanks, Jeg. I just love the orchid clasp on your blue T's. The luster on them is wonderful. Great combination of your Kamoka tin cup & the Tahitian keshi necklace. They're perfect together!!


New member
Thank you Jeg. Love your blue tahitians and that clasp is amazing. I think blue is my favorite color and I love my blue tahitians. Your Kamoka tincup and the keshi tincup are gorgeous as well. I have been debating with myself if I should make a tincup with my tahitian keshis, but then I would have to break up the strand and I like using it like a chain with my enhancers. I could buy another one, but smaller ones are hard to get. I bought mine from Druzydesign on ebay, she regularly gets new ones, but they sell quickly. I remember some months ago she listed golden south sea keshis and they sold at once. Anyway I really love the look of keshis in tincups.


New member
Thank you Katbran.
Yesterday at my fathers funeral I wore my white south sea strand from Cees and my 9.4mm white south sea studs. The photo is from today, I'm wearing the same combination today, but yesterday a severe black dress, not a frilly white blouse. My mother wore my vintage akoya strand with a white gold and diamond clasp and some matching akoya studs. They looked beautiful on her.
It's very hard to capture the beauty in the south sea strand. It's really more shiny.
I also got a new kitten, a friend for bigger kitten. Kitten disapproves but I think that they will be friends once bigger kitten stops sulking. The new kitten is playful and don't care about the grumpy one. Me and my mother often talks about the importance of finding something positive even during the darkest times. New kitten is clumsy and fun and has the tiniest squeekiest little voice even though she is 12 weeks.


New member
Charlotta - Sending hugs to you and your mother. Your pearls are gorgeous - such high luster and smooth surfaces. Thanks for sharing a picture of your new kitty. He looks like trouble that one. Cute, adorable, love him so much he is going to get away with murder type of trouble. :)


New member
Those blues, Jeg! And as always, your clothes!! You always look both comfortable and stylish :D

Charlotta - I hope new kitty gives lots of good memories, as well as solace and distraction right now. Many hugs and sympathy to you and yours.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you so much 86C, Charlotta, Katbran and jesskat! Jesskat- absolutely comfort first! :eek:

That’s a very pretty SS strand, Charlotta. And your new kitty...! Looks very at home already.:D


New member
Thank you Jeg. It's the bravest kitten I have ever met. It was raised with children and big dogs so maybe because of that. She just doesn't let the older kittens cranky behaviour bather her.


Active member
Thank you, Katbran.
Charlotta, you SS from Cees are beautiful. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. New kitten is so cute. I'm sure big Kitten will stop pouting & make friends soon. They're so adorable at this age.


New member
Your WSS pearls look so beautiful, Charlotta. It must have been comforting for your mom to wear a special strand of yours, as well.

The new kitten is gorgeous! They're so adorable, especially when they're wee ones just learning how to jump and play. :)

Parrot Lady

New member
jeg, I love that Tahitian strand especially that orchid clasp.

Charlotta, how meaningful to gift your father with the flowers you grew in your garden, and how nice to have a new kitten to make you laugh. Midsummer is in a couple of days, will you celebrate?


Active member
It's been toooooo hot here to wear pearls, and storming, so I don't want to get the knots wet. I've mostly been wearing my gold and stones instead of my pearls, but I have managed to sneak a few pearls in here and there. Mostly I've been enjoying viewing all your pearls!!!!

Lighting is very harsh in the summer.

Kasumis from Kojima.


Judy Jetson necklace and Mikimoto earrings.


The Swan pendant, and drop earrings from Kojima.


Everything Bagel rope, mixed tin-cup, and ombre Tahitan keshi tin-cup from Kojima. Metallic drops from POJ on Mom's diamond oval earrings.


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Traveling Pearl
BWeaves, you were able to sneak in a lot of days of gorgeous pearl wearing!

Thank you ParrotLady!:eek:

Edison pendant from PP, with a pearl medley strand from Kojima.


Two Edison strands from PP.