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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you Charlotta and MSC!

Gemandpearlover, your temp strand is beautiful, as well as the unknown strand!


New member
Today is a simple denim shirt with freshwater pearl necklaces, all bought as loose pearls and made by me. It's so much fun to make your own jewelry sometimes.


New member
Those two necklace are gorgeous Bailey1856. I agree it's really fun to create jewelry, redoing other things and ending up with new things. The creative process is what I like best.


New member
Thank you 86 Corvettegirl, MrsADm,Katbran,and Charlotta!

Charlotta, it is such a great stress reliever for me. I can spend all day outside in my yard with the birds, bees, and flowers, stringing and wire wrapping and I'm in my happy place.:)


New member
Thank you Charlotta, 86Corvettegirl, Bcm21, and Jeg. :)

Bailey1856- I love the colors in your strands. The bronze, greenish pondslime colors are my absolute favorite.


New member
Today I'm wearing my blue tahitian strand and studs from Pearlescence and my tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety. I'm rather pleased with this combination.
I still cannot believe that I have something as beautiful as this blue strand and that Wendy found this for me and also matched it with my studs I bought from her last year. I didn't sent the studs with her or anything.
Sunshine doesn't wash them out as much as other tahitians and they look great with jeans.


New member
That is a gorgeous strand, Charlotta! I can only imagine how many pearls had to be sifted through to create such a beautiful strand!

Parrot Lady

New member
I just finished knotting these freshwaters from Kongs Pearl. I hope you can see all the beautiful metallic colors in the strand, the gold doesn’t show up in the photo. I strung them with leftover small metallic lavender pearls to get a little extra length. They’re huge.



New member
Beautiful blue Tahitians Charlotta. Definitely pearl goals or maybe just pearl dreams. :)

Parrot Lady the gold, pink, green, purple, cream and blue show through on your gorgeous strand.