Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Jeg that Tahitian stack is gorgeous!

I am keeping it casual with a chunky Tahitian strand and a handmade Boho patchwork jacket.

chunky Tahitian strand and a handmade Boho patchwork jacket
Gemandpearllover, those tahitians are beautiful. Did you make the patchwork jacket yourself?
Jeg, beautiful tahitians, I especially like the ombre strand.
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I'm not sure I've ever met a tahitian I didn't fall in love with. Gemandpearlover, that combination is just great, casual and yet you'll be the best dressed/decked out person wherever you go.

I bought some small, loose, green-ish tahitians to try my hand at wrapping to make a tincup. I was debating spacing them out non-uniformly, but seeing Jeg's has sealed the deal, that IS the way I'm going to do it. Now, I need the chain and wire.
86Corvettegirl that is a beautiful strand. I love the green gemstones in the clasp and accent piece. Are those tasvortites?

Thank you Bcm21mk, BritM and Charlotta. :) Charlotta- I did not make the jacket. I live next to a small college town and there quaint shops that sell homemade chocolates, soaps, clothing, jewelry and even toys. It is always fun to visit and buy something unique.
jeg- thanks for that ! I probably saw it and my sieve like brain just let the image dribble away ! Excellent idea to have the two that can be linked ! And I think the trio of necklaces look amazing. The close up is appreciated as the pearl details always interests me . Those are three beautiful strands !

Gemandpearlover- I love chunky Tahitians ( well everything really ... I identify with chunky) .
86Corvette - now there is a clasp I've never seen before ! Love the big pearls and the jewelled bead !
Thank you, Bcm21mk, Gemandpearlover, & Katbran.

This was just an inexpensive fun necklace I ordered. I had requested the necklace be made longer but it didn't come with the requested additional inches. Since it was still quite pretty, I decided to keep it. The panther is not a clasp but a pave CZ focal bead. The green eyes are CZ as well the green pave bead on the end. I thought it would be blingy fun for summer. I would love to find a clasp like the panther. If I find one, I'm definitely getting it.
86Corvettegirl, nice panther necklace. I have seen some panther/leopard clasps on etsy. You might try that. I am of course partial to cats, whatever the kind. Are the big fireballs heavy? They are very pretty.
Gemandpearllover, it's so nice when one finds something unique. There are to many chains with the same items nowadays.
Thank you, SydK, BW, & Charlotta. It was the size of the fireballs & the panther that drew me to the necklace. The necklace has weight to it. You can feel the weight in your hand but not as much when worn. I'm use to heavier necklaces because I love large pearls but I don't think this would be one I would layer with other strands, especially in the warm months of the year. I am looking around for another necklace that has a dragon clasp & maybe another panther. I did find one with a panther clasp that I like so I'm keeping my eye on it.
Thanks so much, battah, BWeaves, 86C, Gemandpearlover, Charlotta, and Katbran!

No problem, Katbran. I’m glad it seems like I am posting something different!

Have fun with your tincup project, BritM!

Gemandpearlover, I like the contrast in color in your Tahitian strand. Your hoodie also sounds interesting. I love wearable art!

86C, I’m glad you kept the strand. It has that element of fun! And I love how you blend with your hydrangea in the background.
Thank you, Jeg. I'm glad I decided to keep it, too. The hydrangea are on a wreath I made for the summer.
Great closeup!!! I love CZs. When the setting is good, they can look so much better than lower quality diamonds.