Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you 86C, CricketBug and Charlotta. No, they aren’t heavy at all CricketBug. I won’t wear them together in the summer, though.

Tahitian tin cup from PP with a Kamoka pendant and Kamoka harvest bracelet.

Jeg, that's a great Summer look! And I love the clasp on your bracelet! Is it specially from Kamoka? Did you special order the tin cup. I really like the pearls grouped together instead of evenly spaced out apart.
Thanks, 86C! The Kamoka bracelet came with the flower clasp. They’ve used it many times over the years and it’s a favorite of mine.

The tin cup was a project I worked on at Ruckus 2015. I purchased a temp strand of Tahitians, broke it apart, and worked on a layout. It ended up being longer than I was thinking, so I decided to make it into two necklaces. One is 22” the other 24”. All four ends of the orbit clasps open, which allows me to wear it several ways. I can hook them anywhere on the chain, besides adding pendants. Attaching some additional photos, some of which I have posted before somewhere. I am just wearing the shorter necklace in the photo I posted earlier.

Completed scattered tin cups.
Couch Pearl1

This was a picture taken in Hawaii. Wrapped around twice and hooked into a lariat with a pendant from Na Hoku.

I posted this during the winter, but it’s both necklaces in one length with the ends randomly hooked to the chain.
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Jeg, those are wonderful necklaces with so much versatility!! I love the arrangement of the pearls. What an awesome job you did laying them out!!!
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I love that your tin-cups have "working" ends of both halves of the clasp. So versatile. And the necklaces are gorgeous.
I am totally loving the versatility of these two strands, jeg. These two are close to my faves of your strands—not that I could actually pick out one favourite, LOL! ;)
86Corvettegirl, those akoyas looks lovely on you, and it's a perfect size for a strand.
Today blue tahitian strand and studs from Wendy at Pearlescence. This is such a nice strand.
With my south sea strand from Cees.
Might add my ombre tahitian rope later.
A note, as I can't get the pics to work for me and I am too lazy to dig out the camera - was dressing to impress today so left my more expensive strands at home and wore much less expensive baroque akoya because we all know that white pearls are real pearls, right? :) Rock Chick Tahitian look with Kamoka strand layered with leather and cotton stayed at home today...
I am sure the pearls looked amazing even though we don't get to see them KarinK.
Added my ombre tahitian rope from Cees since I am going away for dinner later.
Once I got asked if my Rikiteas were magnetic beads KarinK...
Thanks so much 86C, Charlotta, BWeaves, Katbran and CricketBug!!

86C, that’s a very crisp and classic look!

Darn, KarinK! I would love to have seen either image- impressive or rock. I like the description of both.

Charlotta, beautiful T’s and SS! Hahaha- love the magnetic beads!:rolleyes:
Just, wow, Charlotta! What a glorious strand!

LOL! @ "magnetic beads". I've been complimented on my "pretty beads", as well. ;) I just say "Thank you!" and totter off on my merry way. :rolleyes:
Thank you Jeg and Cricketbug, the magnetic bead sure did surprise me. Once I had my tahitian drop necklace on me and a coworker asked if they were pearls and where they were from. I said french polynesia. Then she asked if I picked them on the beach myself...I wish.
Thank you, Bcm21mk, Charlotta, & Jeg. I decided to go classic & simple because of the heat.

Gorgeous blue Tahitians, Charlotta. I love the added Ombré! I love Cees pearls; in fact, my largest multi Tahitian strand & my Fiji strand came from Cees.

Magnetic beads, LOL. I've never had my pearls called beads but I have been asked if they're real & what kind are they.
Charlotta, that ombre rope is awesome!

jeg, you always look so easy breezy fabulous in your pearls and awesome outfits <3
Jeg, Charlotta, really everyone looks so wonderful and fabulous ... and I too wish I could see your photos KarinK :)

I always secretly giggle when people compare my pearls to "beads" ... lol I feel very safe from thieves ... here most people have NO idea what I'm wearing. I'm just fine with that; I wear them for me. And my family's eyes glaze over if I talk too long about my pearls ;)