Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

BWeaves, maybe you can have a plumber run a camera through the pipes to check their health before replumbing everything.:eek:!!!

Thank you Marianne, BWeaves, Charlotta and CricketBug! :eek: A little posting overdose today, but I was wearing the Kasumi’s this morning and they were glistening in the sunlight, so I had to try and take pictures when I got home. Emphasis on try... (It’s another piece I haven’t taken off much.)

Japanese Kasumi strand with an Edison ring from PP.

Adding a picture I took a few weeks ago with the SOC mabe. Ok, I’m done now!
Three of my favorites necklaces, jeg. The photo of me admiring that SoC keshi necklace is my screen page on my home computer. The SoC mabe pendant necklace that I went looking for a few ruckuses ago, only to find it already around your neck. And, the stunning 2019 kasumi is something that I am truly looking forward to seeing in person. They all go great with your fashions.
JEG: Your Kasumi's are the best ones I've ever seen. And your SoC pendant was also the best of the 3 that Kojima made. You always get there first. Thanks for sharing so we can all live vicariously through your pearls and fashion!!!!
Wow. jeg, those Kasumi's are truly gorgeous! What size are they again? I think you might be small, so the pearls look even larger? :rolleyes: That's a bonus!
BWeaves, you look so cool, calm and collected ... even on hold with insurance agents. I was on hold yesterday AND today ... I looked more like someone who stuck their finger in a light socket LOL, BUT there are pearls on my desk to fondle :) Love that beige linen look especially.

Jeg, oh, Jeg, please don't be done; no such thing as overload ;) Some of my favorite pearl pieces ever; many of which I also found ... around Jeg's neck ... and that does make me happy. Makes Walter even happier lol ... The new Kasumi necklace, I so look forward to seeing in person.
WOW!! I'm so behind!
SydK, your pendant is beautiful!

Charlotta, I love your ombré strand!!!

Jeg, I love doubling the Kojima Waterfall necklace! And your Kasumis are fabulous!!

BW, sorry to hear about the pipe bursting & cutting into your pearl budget but I adore the combinations you've been wearing!
Thank you 86Corvettegirl, you ombre strand is gorgeous as well.
Jeg, the kasumi strand is beautiful, so many colors and that glow...just stunning.
Thank you so much for the very sweet comments, Red, BWeaves, CricketBug, Cathykeshi, Marianne, 86C, and Charlotta!:eek: Pearl friends are the best! Red and Cathy, I will definitely bring it to the Pearls By The Bay!

CricketBug, the Kasumi’s are approx. 10-13mm, and the total length is 22.5”. Well, I don’t know about being small. I’m short, but I’m well-fed;):rolleyes: Haha!
I vote for more JEG photos. That way I get to enjoy your pearls vicariously, and get fashion advice.
Thanks so much MSC!

Ha! I’ll work on it BWeaves. The lighting has been so nice this past week so it was a bit of a photo barrage yesterday. Sometimes I think the pearls look so great in the lighting, but it doesn’t always transfer to the photo.:eek:
BWeaves - Oh no ! What a mess that must have been. I had a water heater leak once but fortunately it was in the laundry room and there is a drain in the middle of the floor. We had moved it out of the ceiling the year before... thank goodness. I feel for you - but you are looking good while sorting it all out !

jeg - That Kasumi strand just glows ! Absolute stunner !!
Jeg, you are so right. Sometimes, most of the time accually, my eyes sees colors the camera don't. Or it makes things darker. So annoying.
CricketBug, the Kasumi’s are approx. 10-13mm, and the total length is 22.5”. Well, I don’t know about being small. I’m short, but I’m well-fed;):rolleyes: Haha!
Haha! That's hilarious, jeg! "...well-fed" cracks me up! Thank you for sharing the size of the pearls. They really are magnificent colours!
Paid the deposit on the new flooring. The tile better look like mother of pearl.

Kojima all the way today. Long mixed tin-cup worn with Tahitian keshi tin-cup and ombre' Tahitian keshi tin-cup, both with drops. The middle necklace has no pearls around my neck, just chain, which makes it perfect for layering.


Perfect teardrops hung off my diamond huggies. If these had been the first drops I bought, they would have been the last, because I would have quit looking. They are the perfect shape and size, and feel light on my earlobe, but have a big look.


Thank you Katbran and CricketBug! CricketBug- haha! I like to eat a lot.;)

BWeaves, that is a very nice collection of keshi and keshi mix!
BWeaves, that's a clever point about layering 3 tin cup style necklaces, that one has only chain around the neck ... that's kind of brilliant. Of course, that look is keshi dreams for me :) What a lovely shade of blue that linen top is!