Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I wore my SS pearls -- the new strand in mixed colors and the ruckus strand of goldens. Both with Oregon sunstones.
Went to my Mom's today for combination birthday party & graduate school graduation party for my niece. It was Turquoise, crystal, & white FW necklace & Autore WSS earrings.


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Thank you, 2thdktr, Charlotta, & Katbran. I love the combination of turquoise &'s so cheerful & perfect for Spring & Summer. I have another long necklace of pearls & turquoise but I want to add a few more.

Charlotta, I will take a close up picture of the blue Akoya earrings for you so you can see the rondells better & post it later.
Thank you, everyone! I do love the sunstones. In the two necklaces, I used half a strand of sunstones, minus one. I have a really neat shaped tahitian pearl that I might make as a pendant with the last sunstone. Hmmmm.
Green Tahitians for Mother's Day dinner with hubby's Mom & Dad.


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86C, so many amazing looks lately. Love the autore earrings- their pearls are so special.
Beautiful pearls for celebrating, 86C. Love the greens!

Katbran, I love your whole look! It’s a great strand of muted colors and the way you’ve arranged it really compliments the colors.
86C, those greens are marvellous on you! Katbran, your "muted" strand certainly stands out—it's not muted at all. :cool:
Love your green tahitians 86Corvettegirl.
Those fijis are spectacular Katbran and your neck don't look old.
Wow Katbran! I'm not usually into Fiji pearl colors but those are lovely.
Long time no share, guys! My office has been preparing to move, so I haven’t been dressing up or wearing pearls much lately. But I do wear the bracelets in the first photo every day (they’re actually two necklaces wrapped around my wrist), one is little lavender freshies and one is “Edison keshi” (is that a thing? That’s what the vendor called them). I did a simple wire wrap but may take them apart and do something different. We’ll see... second and third photo are of a new lanyard I made for my work ID. If I have to wear it, it needs to be cute! The pearls are inexpensive freshie keshi from Wen, on base metal. My ID can attach at the bottom. I’m liking this a lot and might remake it with gold fill so it lasts longer.

Hi Battah! I’ve missed you and your fun creations! Good luck with your office move...
Thank you, SydK, Jeg, CricketBug, & Charlotta! I do enjoy wearing these.

Katbran, I love the colors of your Fiji's. Mine has similar colors/ tones & is so different from my other Tahitians. You look spectacular in yours.

Battah, love the look of the 2 necklaces as bracelets.