Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

SS ombre strand from PP, and SS Myanmar pearls from Druzy.

A touch of golden sunshine


Oh, Jeg that's really an elegant look ... almost royal! Beautiful dress, world class pearls ... those Myannmar beauties slay me every time I see them :)
jeg, the pearls, the dress, the lighting! All converged into a few moments of pearly perfection! Thank you for sharing!
Thank you so much, CathyKeshi, PearlDreams, BWeaves, CricketBug and Katbran! Thank you for the very kind compliments. Cathy- hmmm... royal... I guess we should’ve gone out for high tea instead of to the local bar and grill. :D Hahaha!
The south sea ombre strand is gorgeous. Love it with the myamar strand and the dress.
Jeg, that Myamar strand is absolutely fantastic & looks fabulous with your PP Golden Ombré rope!!! In fact, your whole look is fabulous!! What Druzy shop did you find that treasure?

BW, can't go wrong with Kojima! Your look is so pulled together!!
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I have been very busy these past few week so I haven't posted much. I would try to remember to take pics of the pearls I've been wearing but would forget until I was ready for bed, then I would be too tired. Here are a couple I did remember to take.


  • Green Tahitians Kojima Waterfall.jpg
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Today it's hot so I'm wearing my white soufflé & blue Akoya tin cup doubled from Sakura & my metallic studs from PP.


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Thank you Charlotta and 86C! 86C the Myanmar pearls were from Druzy Design (Carolyn Ehret). I have purchased many things from her over the years.

You had the right light for your green Tahitians, 86C! They are just glowing! And I love your spring colors, too.
Combining the golden ombré with the multi golden strand and a white SS pendant from PP. The Akoya keshi necklace is from Kojima.


Oh, Jeg, your combination of the GSS ombré strand, multi strand & white SS pendant is splendid! I love the keshi strand you're hanging your pendant on! Simply beautiful. And yes, I finally got some good light to capture the green Tahitians!
Thanks for the heads up on Druzy Designs, too.
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86Corvettegirl, the green tahitians are faboulous, so lustrous. Beautiful color.
Jeg, your goldens are amazing.
86C, I somehow missed seeing your photos! Your hubby chose well, the strand is beautiful! Love the layering.
Thank you, CricketBug. The green strand is smaller in mm size but very comfortable. Sometimes, it's just too hot & humid to wear larger, heavier strands.