Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Charlotte, I eyed that greenish SS strand on Kong’s, and even bookmarked that strand to buy when we weren’t traveling. At least it stayed in the “family”. Very pretty on you.
Gorgeous pearls and layering Parrot lady and Jeg.
Thank you Bweaves, Luvglitz and KMFDallas. Luvglitz, I bought 2 strands from Kongspearl in december and january. They were suppose to be champagne, I told them that I was pleased with the greenish strands, but that they aught to describe the colors better since they aren't even with some imagination champagne. Then she listed some more and described them correctly. So some one else bought that strand. I think she has one left?
Forgot the strand I was wearing on saturday. Baroque tahitians from Cees and some golden south seas from one of my greenish strands (the non-green ones).
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Parrot lady- I normally don't love the lavender strands but yours with that power pendant is just gorgeous.

BWeaves- love the black and white and I love your nana's vintage clasp- it is special. It looked great with all the white and black as it gave the eyes something to rest on.

Jeg-- I love the ocean and the beach. I am looking for low key and relaxation-- I just sold my practice after 31 years of being a dentist and I am now officially semi- retired!! I will still work for the new owner one day a week during the next 3 months of transition. but my goal is to get to the beach and chill! I will take a 6 month hiatus and then maybe look for a teaching position. My body has told me that 31 years of bending over patients is enough--- my neck, shoulders and hips have been screaming at me for the last 2 years and I have finally listened.
So Aruba sounds heavenly. ( Oh, your pearls are gorgeous, btw!);)
Jeg, I love your pearl combinations with your dress. Perfect pairing!

Love those greenish SS's, Charlotta!! And Cees always has such beautiful pearls!!
Your pearls look great on you, Charlotta. You are very ambitious with all your pearl rearranging! I can’t keep up with you...

Congratulations on your retirement, 2thdktr! Enjoy your new-found free time in the sand and surf! Ahhhh...

And thanks all, for the nice compliments! :)
Thank you 86Corvettegirl and Jeg.
Congratulations on your retirement 2thdktr. I hope you have a nice beach time.
Jeg, that dress, those pearls ... ! Note to self: mix pink pearls and Tahitians more often ... gorgeous.

Congratulations, 2thdktr ... sounds like you have a perfect plan for retirement and the beach! Pearls are so easy to wear in a relaxed lifestyle ;)
Thank you, Jersey Pearl and Cathy!

A little pearl piling! Mixed SS and Akoya strands from Kojima. The custom strand Sarah made with my SS keshi from Hong Kong is wrapped as a bracelet. The two pendants are from PP. The large golden SS is from Ruckus 2018, worn on a tiny Akoya pearl chain I made with pearls from Hong Kong. The smaller pendant is a Grace Pearl Edison from a special request that Jeremy found for me about five years ago. It is an unusual golden peachy green color that I can never quite capture.



Gorgeous, Jeg ... I'm glad you showed the closeups of the pearls in all their golden/blue/white beauty!
Thanks jeg, Charlotta, Jersey and Cathy for the retirement wishes!

Jeg- I might PM you for info on where you recommend to stay in Aruba...... your pearl combos are lovely, as usual.
Thank you, Cathy and 2thdktr! :eek:.

2thdktr- yes, please feel free to PM me. I’ve stayed on several islands in the Caribbean. There are more I’d like to see, but flight wise, it’s so much easier for me to go back and forth to Hawaii.
Jeg, great pile of pearls. The goldens and the blues goes together so well. Beautiful
What a great combination of pearls, JEG! I love your fashion sense.
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