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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
It has been melting for almost a week now, and I can finally see over the piles of snow as I back out of my driveway. Streets are mostly dry, but there is no bare ground yet. It will probably start appearing during this coming week.

Wearing colorful pearl pendants today. Three Fiji pearls on top and a Japanese Kasumi hanging from a Mexican opal below. OSKA shirt and wool sweater.



New member
Red, Love those colors in your pearls - you wear them so well - I never thought to put pendants together like that - beautiful!


Active member
No necklace today because top I'm wearing has embelishments but pearl metallic studs with green diamond cluster studs. Sorry for the humongous pic but I don't always get resizing right.


  • pearl studs green diamonds.jpg
    pearl studs green diamonds.jpg
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Active member
To anyone who has not seen Red's opal pendant in person, I was blown away when I saw it at Ruckus. It looks like an egg, until you get it in direct sunlight and then the clear window part of the opal lights up the interior of the opal like fireworks. It's an amazing piece. Love the other pendants, too.