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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
yes I have Pkinnew! I have a ton of art projects that need finishing and some require beading and gemming and pearling, and whatever! So I have been super duper busy getting my skills in beading leveled up! The good thing is I keep the "rejects" ;)


New member
This past weekend I wore my PP Y necklace and metallic drop earrings. There are little citirines sprinkled along the chain - great design, Hisano!


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Beautiful outfit pkinnew, love the colour of your top, great match with your pearls.
Everyone thanks for sharing photos of your pearls!


New member
pkinnew -- I think that's an absolutely gorgeous design and wish I'd gotten one. It looks wonderful on you!!!


New member
This past weekend I wore my PP Y necklace and metallic drop earrings. There are little citirines sprinkled along the chain - great design, Hisano!

What a great photo of a great necklace, pkinnew! I don't think that I appreciated the graduation of pearl shape, pearl size and pearl color before. A masterpiece, indeed!


New member
Thanks everyone! It's a different, fun necklace to wear!

baby nurse - the pearls are round fw but the bottom drop is metallic.

Katbran - I'll take a close up picture for you tonight.

I also have this in lavender pearls that I'll take some pictures of as well.


New member
i love the citrines in your necklace pkinnew, it's such a pretty mix! today i'm wearing my antique three pearl ring and two graduated akoya strands (the longer is real, the shorter i think may actually be a nicer costume piece with a pretty filigree white gold clasp!) :)



New member
I am wearing something that I just made. I had this idea swirling in my head for weeks so I got the supplies to make it, and I love it. Its a long chinese ripple tin cup with oxidized silver and black spinel. I was originally just going to have pearls but i thought it needed Jazzing up. Everyone at PS was really helpful with this since I wash;t sure which route I wanted to go. Anyways wearing it and loving it.


light box pic, still it was super bright in office so this isn't the best picture


New member
Wow, I think that turned out very well! I'm so impressed! Enjoy and wear in health.

Today I am wearing POJ metallic drops with a PP short tin cup with pearls chosen by Hisano:

tin cup with POJ metallic drop.jpg

neck shot 5-12-15.jpg

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
CK, Really sharp looking! I wish I had your creativity.

BAS, always a pleasure to see your goodies; does your tin cup have any pearls around the back of your neck? and did you order a provoked Tahitian for a ring, or am I imagining things?
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New member
funky pearl - Love your ring and the strands look great on you!

ckrickett - You are so creative! Your ripples are beautiful and I love the tin cup design. Keep 'em coming!

BAS - Lovely tin cup with spectacular pearls!

Today I'm wearing a PP Tahitian strand doubled with stud earrings.


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