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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Met hubby for dinner & wore my multi color Tahitians from Cees paired with a Tahitian strand I've had for over 15 yrs & my Tahitian drop earrings.


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Thank you, BW & Bcm21mk. The pic doesn't really show the colors very will. We're having rain day after day so lighting is not good. The interior lighting tends to give everything a yellow cast. But I love both these strands together.


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Purchase from January of this year. I refer to them as my golden jelly beans, lol. I love the color and shapes. Maybe one day I can get rounds, but Iʻm happy.
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Hello ladies,

I've been enjoying all your pearls and stories! I am curious as to how and where to find out about upcoming ruckus or to a PP vault showing. How do you get invited to one? Thank you.

Pearl Dreams

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Joycebvs, when plans start being made for the Ruckus, a thread will be started about it. Historically it's been held in July. Those who want to attend can sign up.


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BWeaves I love Green!! Your little h pendant and tin cup is lovely. Always enjoy your mom's diamond hoops with your drops too.

Jeg your figi necklace doubled is stunning.i love that look. Cees has the most beautiful pearls!! And your bracelet is so vividly colorful.


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Joyce, if you are a on Pearl Guide, there will be a thread started announcing Ruckus and you just follow the directions in the thread


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Thank you CricketBug, Red, BWeaves, JerseyPearl, 86C and Bcm21mk! Red, it was the one pearl that I thought interrupted the flow of colors, so I’m glad it worked out to remove it. Plus it will make a great pendant charm. Reminds me a bit of a chrysalis.

BWeaves, I like the colors of your new mismatched pair, and that LttleH piece with the special chain...:p

86C, those Tahitians look perfect together. Glad they were noticed at the restaurant!

Mtummybear, I really like the shapes and colors of your Golden’s, too!


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Jeg, your bracelet turned out just beautiful, and that long strand is gorgeous.
Wonderful mismatched tahitians Bweaves, just beautiful.
Mtummybear, those golden jellybeans are gorgeous, is it south seas?
86Corvettegirl, amazing tahitians, so glowy.


Traveling Pearl
Tea Party Number 2

I finally got around to stringing these strands of tiny purply pink pearls I got in Hong Kong. Wearing as a pearl chain with my Tahitian pendant from Hawaii.

Other pearls were my freshwater strand from Hong Kong, and two feather pearl mix necklaces from Kojima.


The table with food- smoked salmon sandwiches, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, sea salt lemon bars, Heath toffee cookies, Raspberry tarts, chili con queso cups, Fran’s sea salt caramels, margarita chocolate cups, fruit.
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Pearls and confetti sugar? Be still my heart. I love your tea setup. That freshwater necklace is amazing.

It was 85F today, and linen and pearls.

Ripples from Kojima. Pistachio akoyas from PP. And multi pearl tin-cup from Kojima.


Mom's akoya ring and freshwater bracelet on my right hand.


SoC rose gold ring from Douglas and PP on my left hand. It's out of focus because my camera decided it liked my new sandals better. Rose gold patent leather Birkenstocks. They really look like rose gold. Very shiny. And they match the SoC ring!


Mikimoto yellow gold huggie earrings.

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