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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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BWeaves, blue suede birkenstocks? I'd love to know are they pastel, navy or denim? I've been searching for a pair for this summer. I absolutely live in my birks all summer long.

Arizonas in Navy suede with bronze buckles and the soft footbed. I bought them off Zappos.


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Thank you, Charlotta, JP, & 2thdktr. I do love the combination of jade & pearls. I have a few carved pendants that I would like to have taken off their cords & have enhancers put on them so I can wear them on some of my pearls.


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I recently posted some photos on Instagram of a project I'm working on using Jadeite (Type A) beads and baroque SSP.

Yes, I follow you on IG & saw the post. I also have you saved in my Etsy account. Those carved jade beads are really special. The 17mm+ pearl I bought from PP VIP launch & sent to Sheri has put a big dent in my budget so now I'm playing catch up with the funds. LOL I am waiting to see your finished piece. How long are you planning to make it?
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I can only dream of Tropical weather, SydK. Beautiful pearls.

Today I donned a wool scarf and turtleneck and a few Tahitians, and toured the local area checking out the icicles. Here are a few examples, but DH says there was one house where the door appeared to be iced over. I missed it since I was driving.


More snow coming tomorrow.



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Beautiful tahitians SydK, they look great on you.
Red, that looks cold. I read yesterday that spring has come to southern sweden, we will see about that, no snow at the moment. They have blizzards in northern sweden though. Pretty tahitians.


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My new leftover strand. It's flawed but fun. The luster is great, my photos not so much. Still in a t-shirt and pyjamapants though.
Looped with an enhancer.
Doubled so it looks like 2 strands.
Just doubled randomly.
They really look more like this though.
Darn light
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Love your ying-yang style rope, Charlotta. A fun piece.

We got another 6 inches of snow overnight. I pulled on my wool OSKA sweater Dyani in Hurricane and my wool and linen blend OSKA scarf Loke in Beam along with my Fiji keshi necklace and headed out to lunch on these freshly plowed streets. Blizzard force winds have shut down travel just south of us, but we are fine here in the city.




New member
You look toasty warm in those lovely sweaters and scarves Red ... I wore my Fiji keshi necklace all weekend too; in the ice ... the indoor ice at my grandson's hockey tournament.

We used to call all those icicles "ice cream" weather because our dads and uncles would say we couldn't make homemade ice cream if they had to buy bag after bag of ice. When the icicles hung from the cliffs and eaves, our pack of cousins would plead and beg, blackmail and bully lol till they went out to the cliffs with hammers, brought back lots of icicles, and we'd get out the handcrank freezers and make homemade :) We never had a shortage of store ice cream, but it was never the same as a winter ice cream party! Stay warm, all.


Traveling Pearl
Aloha! The Traveling Pearl found a couple new buddies at the airport that wanted to tag along on our trip. Sorry to post and run, but it”s still daytime here and we’re taking advantage of the warm weather. Especially after seeing your chilly pictures!