Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Beautiful necklace Kay! I love the 'dollop of cream' look of some baroque WSS, and it looks so light for summer.
Thank you, Lary, Bonsava, Battah, and 86C!

Kay, that’s the perfect, light, necklace for summer!
Thanks so much, Bcm, 2thdktr, BWeaves and Bonsava!

Bonsava, I’m glad you found exactly what you were looking for. They are very pretty!

Keeping it light today with a Tahitian drop pendant, and a necklace of SS golds and whites, blue baroque Akoya and Akoya keshi. All from Kojima.
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I love this necklace!!!! Please bring it with you next week ;)
I love this necklace!!!! Please bring it with you next week ;)

I concur, Jeg. I really want to see the Kojima necklace of SS golds and whites, blue baroque Akoya and Akoya keshi in person. I am really loving pieces with keshi lately. (Time to shop, lol.)
Newberry and Kay, I will put it on my list! I am also bringing the long strand I acquired on my trip to Kojima in May. It has the Akoya keshi, too, but different coloring- Tahitians and pink freshwater in between. Looking forward to seeing your pearls, and your shopping! :eek:
So many beautiful pieces. I love them all.

A couple days ago I wore my reborn pearls and Mom's circle pin on a handwoven blouse.


And today I wore my Black & White Tahitian studs from Kamoka. A Tahitian ombre' tincup from Kojima. And pistachio akoyas from Pearl Paradise.

That was a single pistachio strand at PP at Ruckus. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy the blue one that was in the same bag, but I already had so many blues. It was definitely a find. I didn't think I liked green pearls and then I fell in love.
BWeaves....that pistachio strand was a huge find!!! I love the look paired with the Tahitian ombre' tin cup!
I received my white SS earrings & matching ring today & even though today is house cleaning/laundry day, I just had to put them on & take a pic!


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Lovely pearls everone.
2014 or 2015, don't quit remember, I bought a tahitian drop strand that I love from PP, during one of their sales. So many beautiful colors. Never found pearls like this again until recently. Some weeks ago I accidently found pearl just like this at etsy seller Wen Pearls. A lot less than what I payed in 2014/2015. I thought the quality would be a lot less as well. Surprisingly the quality is quite good. Less surface blemish, lots of nice colors. I had to replace one pearl. Over all a really beautiful strand. I knotted it today and renotted my PP strand as well. Changed to 2 identical clasps. They nest perfectly. The new stand is 17inch and my old one 18. No photos on them on today since they all turned out to blurry. The earrings are 2 drop pearls I bought from Druzydesign and wirewrapped.
So happy to see everyone in their pearls today! I never get tired of seeing new combinations, even when I don't comment, new combinations, old combinations and new beauties, like yours, 86 corvette girl! I haven't even put earrings on and it's almost noon, shame on me! Laundry day here, too.
Beautiful pearls Charlotta! Wen had really been upping her game lately. I have been very happy with my recent orders and have a full favorites list! Lol! Then again I am easy to please. Very few pearls I don't like.
Your new Tahitians are gorgeous, Charlotta. Those necklaces should nestle nicely together. Beautiful colors!
Pattye, I got these to wear with my white SS octopus enhancer/pendant. I think they will be perfect for hot, humid days of Southern summer.
Bweaves - the jealous. I admit it. The kojima piece is one of my favorites you have, too. They go together perfectly.

86corvettegirl - I don't know if I've said this before, but my grandfather had a killer '86 Corvette too! His was black on top and silver on the bottom. Also, your SS set is really beautiful. You may have already mentioned it, but where is it from?

Charlotta - I love wen! I got some tahitians from them about 2 years ago that I'm just now working with. I was happily shocked at the quality too. Yours are almost identical in shape and size to your strand from PP. What a lucky find! And of course, you know we will want to see a neck shot when you have one :)
Lary007....I got them from an Aussie friend, David Norman, who wholesales & specializes in SS & Tahitians when he was in the States last month. The ring he had to size it up for me. I bought these in June, along with a pair of light golden SS dangle earrings.
BWeaves, nice, light looks. Did you weave your top? 86C, way to do your housecleaning in style! Charlotta, love the shapes in your T necklaces. I bet they look great nested.

I was out for a friends birthday lunch today. Luckily we were indoors. I took these off when I got outside. Its been warm for our area. Multi-colored Tahitian strands.
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Jeg, your strands look beautiful together! I would love to find a multi color rope with a lot of color!