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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Very pretty necklace that you made! I'm wondering if the silver is rhodium plated, so it doesn't tarnish? Don't know if they do that on silver wire. Also the higher up you go in silver content, e.g., fine silver, the less it tarnishes.


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Bonsava, there are also threads with information on how to string on the Lowly Beaders Club forum here. :)


Pearl Dreams- I learn by watching and dong-- I would love to meet you for a day halfway and have you teach me how to string! I struggle with the tutorials and the YouTube videos are difficult to see. I am very interested in learning how to restring some of my pearls and try my hand at making some new things,. I appreciate your whole tutorial though.


New member
I restrung several of my Tahitians with Navy Beader's Secret (previously Teal; before that, Night; before that, Black).
I think I finally got the thread color right-- I like the way it looks in all kinds of light now.
I also switched out a few more pearls and shortened. It's great being able to do one's own stringing. :)

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It looks lovely! What did you not like about the real thread? That's what I ordered for my multicolor Ts but Navy looks so good with yours.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
2thdktr, I will message you.

Lisa, center pearl is 12.1mm (I replaced the original center pearl of the same size, so I know.) It graduates down to 8.4mm supposedly but I haven't actually measured the end pearls to check. I really need to buy a digital pearl gauge one of these days. Also a Dremel, to deal with the occasional stuck knot.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
It looks lovely! What did you not like about the real thread? That's what I ordered for my multicolor Ts but Navy looks so good with yours.

The teal color stood out too much when the pearls were in bright sun. It just didn't look right to me. But you've already ordered it, so give it a try. Thread is cheap enough, if you decide you prefer to try Navy.



New member
Charlotta, I love the wire wrap work you've done! So sweet!

PD, I am having serious envy over those Tahitians... ;)

SimplyAdorned: OMG I am so glad to hear someone else fusses over clasps. I spend entirely too long comparing some before I even buy...


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PDs, absolutely love the Navy with your strand!

2thdktr, there are so many ways to string and knot. Once you've mastered the basic skill of sliding the knots next to the pearl it's really a matter of personal preference. Whatever method you decide to try, I do absolutely recommend using Beader's Secret.

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Thanks for the mm, PD. The shortened version looks much larger to me than the original. Vision and its vagaries.
You managed the nesting very well!


New member
Thanks Jersey Pearl for the recommendation.

Pearl Dreams-- love the navy thread and I responded to your msg.

Today, I actually got to wear some pearls to a continuing education seminar. I don't get to really wear any to work other than earrings as I am covered up in a white jacket and gloves, mask and surgical loupes all day.:(

But, here is a bubble bracelet and ring I bought from PP last year sometime along with a bubble rope bought many years ago, I think that was touted as flapper era, that I believe Hisano had designed. The ring is akoya, the necklace and bracelet are freshwater. Along with White South Sea studs from PP also bought many years ago.

I placed them on an antique linen handkerchief my late grandmother had made as part of her trousseau. She was from Czechoslavia. She hand monogrammed her soon to be married initials and also did the fine "window work" ( maybe BWeaves will know the name of the technique), where she removed threads to make the little windows and then had to stitch them to finish them.

Bubble ring and bracelet.jpg

Bubble necklace 60 inch.jpg

Bubble collection.jpg

Pearls on babi's handkerchief.jpg
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I'm just now caught up on maybe 200 posts and can't possibly comment on all of them but gosh, I feel pearl envy and also a bit of guilt for not completing all these projects I planned to do. You ladies are an inspiration to fashioning better with pearls and creating even better designs that fit your lifestyle. I certainly need to learn your ways because as I'm typing, I have no jewelry other than my wedding ring, which I never take off. Of course, I'm at home doing laundry and cleaning, but you can never look too glamorous, right? Excuse me while I go find something pretty to wear around my neck! :)

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Thanks for the compliments, ladies! So many of you are going to the Ruckus that this thread will soon be filled with even more beautiful pearls!


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2thdktr I love it all, even the linen handkerchief!

Today was really too too hot for the amount of pearls I layered on, but I was having pearl rope withdrawal and needed a pearl fix quick.

The Everything Bagel rope from Kojima, worn double, with a Chinesese Ripple necklace from Kojima. And Kasumi and tourmaline earrings, also from Kojima.


And linen is on my loom. I'm trying to recreate some linen towels I saw in the Holocaust museum on the last day of Dad's trip last month.


After seeing 2thdktr photos, I think my linen needs to be photographed with some pearls, too.


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2thdktr....I love your pearl bubbles & your grandmother's linen handkerchief. Her beautiful hand work compliments your pearls.

BWeaves....your everything bagel rope is wonderful with all the beautiful colors. What length is it? I swear....all these gorgeous ropes have really started a craving for me to get some too!


Active member
The Everything Bagel is 54 inches long. There's no clasp. It looks great not matter how I throw it on, because there's something different every inch. It's a combination of natural colored blue and pistachio akoyas, white and gold SS pearls in drop shapes, large smooth peach and purple Kasumi pearls, and rumpled Tahitian keshi from Kamoka. All strung together by Sarah from Kojima, with little rubber baby buggy bumpers between the pearls, instead of knots.


New member
Lovely little chain, Charlotta! I love light blue stones, with pearls or alone. I bet you'll find that one pretty versatile as well!

PD, those are some more dreamy Tahitians - so lustrous. You could almost use those to check your reflection in a pinch from the look of those photographs. I'd be at serious risk of spending more time taking that strand off to admire it than I did actually wearing it, I think!

2thdktr, you've got a lot of beautiful pearls there, and I'm afraid I can't really give the ring and rope the attention they deserve for looking at that bracelet. I love, love, love, love, love that bubble bracelet. It's also so lovely that you have some of your grandmother's wedding trousseau - it looks like she was an excellent needlewoman.

BWeaves...I'm just going to stand here and study the shiny with magpie-like interest for a moment before just fervently admiring your weaving. Beautiful pearls and beautiful work.

For my own part, was convinced to go to dinner tonight. The original plan was Japanese, but upon reaching the restaurant, we found it temporarily closed - air conditioner failure! This resulted in a search for another restaurant, which was eventually settled on and my pearl bracelets - plural - worn during my visit to. A couple of freshwaters with blue baroque Akoyas and my lavenders.
Pearl Bracelets.jpg