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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
This is stunning!!! Looks fabulous on you! Perfect for the hot weather!! Is the Swan SOC?

No, it's a large baroque freshwater pearl that I bought from Kojima's sister site, Pacific Pearls. When it arrived it was huge and multicolored. I thought from the photos that it was white and smaller. The pearl is good on all sides and rather leaf shaped. My jeweler mounted it so it can be removed in the future with no damage to the pearl, if I decide to change the setting. However, I love that it accidentally looks like a swan with her head tucked under her wing. The back side of the pearl is equally beautiful and visible inside the setting.


New member
Beautiful combo Jeg; love how the keshi complement the lace-and-check pattern (and just like lace and that shade of yellow)


Active member
JEG, I love the keshi and the SS drop.

Today I wore La Perlagrina from Kamoka, and opal and Tahitian earrings from Kojima. I'm truly amazed at how well matched the earrings are to the pendant. Then again, it's possible that Kojima got the earring drops from Kamoka. I'll never know.




New member
I love the combination of Tahitian pearl and opal, but am just swooning over that pendant. It's worthy of the name.


Active member
I thought that was probably what you meant Bcm. Don’t worry, I can appreciate faux, too!

Cathy, yes! I have the ombré and seaglass on my list to bring, and I think I will wear the Burmese strand sometime during the weekend. I have been pulling the “to bring” items out and decided I might as well wear them and take some pictures.

Love your swan(s) BWeaves!

Blue baroque Akoya and white Akoya keshi from Kojima, with a SS drop pendant from PP.
View attachment 60759

This is beautiful! Looks light & comfortable to wear! I love how you attached the SS pendant!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks 86C, Katbran and Sunseeker! I love these clasps for being able to wear strands “backwards” and attaching pendants or charms. I do the same thing on bracelets, too.

I think I posted this before way back in this thread, but it is a better photo of the strand and pendant.


New member
I made a tincup, it's actually my second one, the first one was for practice. It's made of silver wire and circled tahitians.