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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
I went today to get the 26" Tahitian & SS ombré strand & this is what she looks like with her longer sister. I'm so happy I was able to get her since the jeweler only had the 1 & he was holding it for me.
These pics will probably wind up sideways too.


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New member
Lary, your new SOC mabe pendant is gorgeous! I have a few mabes I still need to get set.

86C, I love your ombre necklaces! What a great look.


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Lurking on Pearl Guide has introduced me to the Good pearl companies (Pearl Paradise, Kojima etc.), but before I found PG, my idea of a nice place to buy jewelry was the mall, and those chains were where I started buying pearls. I wince at most of those purchases now, but there are two major exceptions: my Tahitian necklace from Macy’s, and this, a silver-and-freshwater drop station/tin cup-style sautoir from Zales which is possibly the necklace I wear most often. Long, doubled, alone, layered - it’s highly versatile.

On a notebook on my desk: 835EECD2-B66D-4E8C-91D7-21293FC4A410.jpg

Two ways I wore it to work this week: first doubled and layered with a topaz pendant my mother gave me for Christmas B3C2805F-4D35-4A61-813A-A637195C1775.jpeg,

And then long layered with a tiny drop pearl chain and pearl tassel pendant: 0BE257BD-E014-4920-A3A1-0CBF1B8E57EB.jpeg, 6E48EF49-D825-4C35-BF41-633781B025F6.jpeg
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Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
That is both attractive and versatile, Bonsava!

Does the tassel unclip from the other necklace? If so you could even use it with the station necklace.


Active member
For my birthday dinner with friends, I decided to wear my GSS strand & stud earrings along with my favorite GSS ring & white & golden SS bangle.


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Active member
Thanks, PD. We had an awesome dinner & celebrated with chocolate martinis! While I'm on a buying band, I still want a mixed white & golden SS strand & I think I would like another GSS strand in a deeper shade of gold, too. I can't seem to get enough of pearls, especially SS & Tahitians.


Active member
I love the long station necklaces. To me, they're versatile with being able to wear them long or doubling them for a layered look. Yours look wonderful on you! Is the pearl tassle a pendant or an enhancer?


Traveling Pearl
Happy Birthday 86C!

It’s been overcast and cool here, so I wore more layers this week.
Sea of Cortez pendant with Seaglass Tahitian strand-


SS Burmese strand with SS and Tahitian ombré strand-

And a couple rings. The gold ring is from Kamoka (Ruckus 2015), and the silver charm ring I purchased in Fiji.


New member
PD, 86C, It’s a pendant. It can be removed from the necklace, but can’t go on the station necklace, which doesn’t have a clasp.

Love that GSSP necklace! And the Tahitian strand/SoC pendant combo, and...etc., etc.


Active member
Thank you, Jeg. OMG!!! Your pearls are beautiful. I especially like your SOC pendant & the Seaglass Tahitian paired together. And the Tahitian ombré is fantastic. I'm such a sucker for ombré strands!