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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Red, that's a cool set! congratulations!

Pearl Dreams, lovely drop shapes - so smooth and pleasing to the eye)) deep color as well. Cees has most gorgeous pearls!

It was an unusually dull gloomy day today. Really weird) double row silver akoya and a single freshwater pearl bracelet from our uniforms (yep, we have pearls as part of the work attire :cool: :p ). I'm not really used to pieces like this, so sort of trying different variants)

Double row blue akoya.JPG

Uniform bracelets.JPG


New member
"Pearl Uniform" ... love it, Lugana :)

Pearl Dreams, that golden drop necklace is truly the stuff of dreams!


Traveling Pearl
MSC, I missed your cool looking pendant. Did you make it yourself?

Heading out in style Pearl Dreams and Lugana!!


New member
Thank you for your kind comments jeg, Marianne, CathyKeshi, Sarah, Katbran, BWeaves, MSC, and Lugana.

A few more photos of these poe pipi pearls. I tried clipping the two strands together, and I also am showing them around my neck without any extender. The colors look nice with my Fiji drops. However, I like the extender solution the best. That way you can see all the tiny gorgeous pearls.




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    20180509_094828 (002).jpg
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New member
Red, those look great together! Those pipi pearls would go well with so many things, even like citrines or smoky quartz pendants (if you wear gems with pearls of course ;) )


Natural Pearl Lover
Those colors really do suit you so well, Red! I love the color variety of pipis.

Thanks, Jeg! Yes, I made that one - I am teaching myself how to solder in my very limited spare time. Right now it's just stuff like soldering eye rings, very basic stuff.


New member
PD - That's an excellent absolutely spot on description ! They look like Indian Corn !! So gorgeous. And speaking of Gorgeous with a capital G those GSS are beautiful..never get tired of seeing them !!

Red thats a great combo..those beautiful pendants and the Pipe !! The colours work perfectly !

Lugana - oh no..you have to wear pearls for work... :D Love those Tahitians on you ! And the work bracelet .. that is only the white pearl and not the pink and blue ?

MSC - Love your pendant ! I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of that one !! What will you hang it from ?


Natural Pearl Lover
MSC - Love your pendant ! I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of that one !! What will you hang it from ?

Thanks, Kat!! I wore it on a very long silver chain yesterday (much longer than in the photo), but I think it would be cool to do a long chain of tiny, individually knotted FWP. Though my hands hurt just thinking about that ;) I kinda can't get over how light the pearls are for their size!


New member
I got a new pretty today from PP's VIP sale :) it's a metallic 8.8mm gold/copper/green freshie in the cascade setting. I have been eyeing that setting with the freshadama pearl in it for ages but couldn't pull the trigger. Once I saw this one I just knew!

sorry, I know the pictures are sideways but I don't know how to get them to do right!


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New member
There are so many wonderful new treasures! I'm just green with envy!!! Congrats to all your beautiful pearls. And Happy Mother's Day!!!