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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Wow, it's going to take a while to catch up on all the beautiful pearls I've missed - lovely pearls, all!

Cathy I love your lovely onion skin dyed eggs, and stories! My assistant lives in Topanga, a very rural/ rustic canyon here in Los Angeles. He has about 40 laying hens, and we have a constant flow of the most colorful yummy eggs. The colors are mesmerizing, and sometimes I don't want to consume them, I just want to look at them!


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Cathy & lmgarden, beautiful eggs. lmgarden, are those natural colors?? bw, I love your look with the snowcloud over your Mt. Fuji top w jade bracelet :)
Love the traditions and stories about the eggs!

BW--such beautiful pearls and those hanadamas are so amazing.

LM--yes, please more about the studs!

Life has been way to busy to post but I thought I would throw up my latest project. It was inspired by some of the belly drilled Keishis with round pearls that have been on this site, only in tahitians. The keishis are from Druzy designs and the 12 mm rounds from JY pearls on Etsy. My husband thinks the Keishis look like titanium. I am still wrestling with the design, clasp and length so I will as per usual, need to redo it. I will post it completed some day.IMG_1344.jpgIMG_1345.jpg


Cathy & lmgarden, beautiful eggs. lmgarden, are those natural colors?? bw, I love your look with the snowcloud over your Mt. Fuji top w jade bracelet :)

Yes, SunSeeker they are natural colors!

BW, I like your grandmother's earrings upside down! You look stunning wearing your family pearls.

Pearly-whites, your keshi necklace is coming along beautifully...looking forward to seeing the end result.


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wearing the prototypes for our new pieces. More Harry Potter jewelry (I know I know, I am a Potterhead). The Snitch is in SS with a GSSP (but will also be available in gold and platinum as well) and the Deathly Hallows is in White gold with a tahitian pearl, but will be available is SS, gold, and platinum as well.

My husband designed these, I am so proud of him!

So cool! Way to go hubby!!

Here is a new purchase from Kojima Pearls. It is called the Waterfall necklace and I was blown away how much prettier it was in person vs. the online photos. It is various sizes of FWP and 41" long. The larger FWP (about 11-12mm) have an amazing luster and strong rose overtones. It is a new "go to".IMG_1346.jpgIMG_1348.jpgIMG_1347.jpgIMG_1349.jpg
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Realy lovely, Pearly Whites; I am not at all surprised that's one of Sarah's beautiful creations :)

ckrickett, hubby and you did very well; the Harry Potter pieces are striking!

lmgardens: One more story LOL, with apologies :) When our daughter was growing up, her best friend's family had a little farm-ette, with a few animals. When the girls were about 13, they acquired the kind of chickens that lay all those lovely natural color eggs ... Arucanas and their offspring, I think? The girls went to collect eggs, and we busy moms exclaimed with great delight "Oh, WOW, we don't have to get out the messy egg paints and dyes this year!!!" The girls looked at us like we had no brains in our heads, sighed in disgust, rounded up the little kids, and soon we had cartons of lovely natural pastel eggs, with spots, stripes, plaids and more painted on them. AND happy happy children running around outside ... and a horrid mess left all over the kitchen :)


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PW, your keshi necklace is coming along nicely and wow! Your waterfall rope is beautiful! It looks amazing on you.

Ckrickett, aww I love your HP pieces! I can't believe your husband designed them, so creative. Did you make the metal settings yourself as well?


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I love all the egg stories!

ckrickett, I love the Harry Potter pearls. I'm also a Potterhead and Lord of the Rings head.

OOOO, Pearly-Whites, you got my necklace. I was eyeing that one, but I bought the Tahitian tin cup instead. I kept telling myself that I didn't need more white pearls, and maybe I'd see this strand at Ruckus in person. Well, I might, but on someone else. Wear it in the best of health. It's gorgeous!


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Very pretty, hanadama!

Pearly Whites - WOW! That strand is stunning! Sarah always knocks it out of the park.


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OK, I'm trying to convince myself to wear Tahitians in the summer. Kojima baroques.
I think smoke grey doesn't really count as a summer color even though it is a T-shirt dress.
But the dress matches the thread the pearls are strung on, hehehe.

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Lovely, BWeaves. I have a lot of tops for summer in grey. I think various earth tone greys are popular just now. Luckily, they look fabulous with pearls!