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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Cathy, Pearly-Whites, Katbran, Karman, hanadama, BW-thank you all for your kind comments!
Pearly-Whites, I bought the strands from a dealer here in VA and knotted them with beader's secret, of course!
BW, haha, yes, they are indeed like little suns!
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msc, I love how the gemstones bring out the color in the SoC earrings. Great job on the loops!
Karman, the colors in your strand are delightful. I love that you used rose gold, very effective!
Pearl-Dreams, those T's are wonderful! I love them with blues and greens, all year long!
hanadama, that strand is beautful!
katbran, a BAG of Kamokas laying around the office??!!


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Metallics today! Studs and fireball pendant from PoJ. These are some of my first pearls.




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Karman--those pearls have amazing color and luster. They are very different. I love the rose gold with them.

MSC--I have missed seeing your designs and love the Sea of Cortez with the amethyst. The drops are beautiful and I would love to see them on!

Hanadama--Gorgeous metallics!!

Pearl Dreams--not only are you full of excellent advise and wisdom, you have the most amazing Tahitians anywhere. They look lovely with any color and any time of the year!


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Fakey, fakey. Mom's Majorica faux Tahitians.

View attachment 50226

This is a gorgeous set of costume jewelry. But I kept feeling like I am cheating on my real pearls.
Plus, the earrings hurt my ears after about 8 hours.

I think I'll see if Sister wants them. I think she might be up for a swap.

I'm just catching up here today
Bweaves - yr costume pearls look fabulous!


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La Perlagrina from Komoka on a 20 inch gold chain, and a Tahitian keshi tin cup from Kojima.

View attachment 50345

I wore them with my Kojima and opal drop earrings and my Mom's opal ring.

View attachment 50346

I just finished watching an hour of Newberry's sinfully delicious birthday party in the Pearl Paradise vault in the recorded Facebook video.
It reminded me of Ruckus. It looked like so much fun.

I love the way your opal sparkles in your ring. I am partial to opals too and so far i own a pair of opal ear studs.
After i read your post i checked out the Newberry's birthday PP party video. So nice to see all those pearls. Wish i could see them in person one day! ;-)


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I was wear ing this sweet little wssp enhancer on my japanese silver chain yesterday. I haven't really figure out how to take good neck shots yet


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I saw the movie "Your Name" the other night, and I was blown away by the animation. They got all the kumihimo braiding right, and the science for the comet right. So weaver me was happy, and astronomer husband was happy. So it just made me want to wear beautiful Japanese artwork yesterday. Along with The Swan (which I imagined was a cloud above Mt. Fuji) and my Komoka black and white Tahitian studs.


And a jade bracelet.


Today I felt like my grandmother's pearls needed an outing. So Nana's clasp with PP double strand of Freshadamas worn with PP natural white Hanadama rope, and Nana's drop earrings. The earrings have a bit of a blossom setting look about them. Also, Mom's pearl bracelet.




Nana always wore everything backwards. She wore her clasp in the front and her drop earrings upside down.


Actually, they don't look half bad upside down.


My friends think the freshies are the real pearls and the Hanadamas are fakes because they're too super shiny compared to the satiny look of the Freshadamas.
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Wow, I somehow got pages behind on this thread ... BWeaves, love that Jade bracelet, snowcloud above Mt. Fuji look, but this white lace sweater and your estate pearls look is ethereal and gorgous!

Karman, that is one VERY unusual and beautiful color change pink/green/gold strand ... mysterious and beautiful!!!

Katbran ... SAY WHAT???? A BAG of Kamoka, with a whipped cream cloud SS pearl dream, just laying around gone missing somewhere in your office? I'll be right over ... finders keepers LOL ?
Everyone looks so nice. I'm covered with chocolate, frosting, Easter Egg dye ... and just barely smart enough to NOT be wearing pearls at the moment he he he. Maybe my eggs look a LITTLE bit like Fiji pearls, if you squint :) These are last year's eggs photo; this year's are still soaking in the dye pot ... created with the brown papery skins from onions; an old heritage tradition around here, but largely lost SIGH. I carry on in my own dear grandmother's memory. NO, the eggs do NOT taste a bit like onions lol, although small children like to spread that rumor :)

Red Eggs Small.jpg


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OOOOO, Cathy, I have a related egg recipe for Passover. Except in my recipe you boil the eggs normally, 10 minutes, then crack the shells, but do NOT peel them. Then you simmer them in either broth, or onion skins, or black tea for 3 hours. Let them cool in the liquid.

After you peel them, they look like marble eggs. They are served as an appetizer. The eggs cooked in tea will be caffeinated. They're very pretty.


New member
That sounds great, BWeaves! Didn't know it was a Passover tradition as well. I've seen the tea dyed ones in Chinatown, and Asian recipes, but never saw eggs done in broth. Walter loves to hunt for any broken eggs out of the pot, because as you say, the dye creates lovely patterns. He convinces himself there's a faint onion flavor ... :) In old PA families, polishing the eggs was the last step, and while I know a few people who still make onion skin eggs, I know no one else who does this. I was taught by my grandmother, and was deemed the only child old enough and/or careful enough to be around boiling pots of water and hot eggs. When the eggs are still hot/warm (the hotter the better really), you remove them one at a time from the hot dye bath, and lay the egg on either a clean piece of soft fabric (old flannel or T Shirt), or these days, a pad of paper towels, with a dab of Crisco type shortening or vegetable oil, although Crisco works better. The hot egg melts the Crisco into the fabric as you roll the hot egg around to coat it. The eggs get dropped back onto the cardboard egg carton to sit till just warm. Then you go back and rub off the excess Crisco, leaving a nice polish on each egg. Because you polish the eggs while as hot as possible, the Crisco soaks in the shell a bit, and the excess gets removed, so no greasy eggs. Back in the cartons, and in the fridge to cool and await bunnies, kids and hungry husbands :) I suspect the Crisco may have been lard a long time ago, and was maybe done to seal the porous surface of the eggs so they'd keep longer in the days before refrigeration. Just my theory, who really knows. My grandmother threw the eggs in the pot with the skins and boiled and let sit; I boil the skins and remove, then cook the eggs ... then ask Walter to do the polishing for me. He thinks this is a treasure hunt for broken eggs to eat, so it works out. He just came in to say out of 5 dozen eggs, he found 3 broken eggs, which he has earmarked for a snack and breakfast. The rest get given out to my family tomorrow, when I will try to find some pearls to wear.


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Charisyl, what a sweet pendant!

BWeaves, I love the layers and layers of white pearls. The earrings look great upside down!

Cathy, those eggs look amazing! I'm loving these stories. My Greek friends dye eggs like yours for Easter, they are used in a cracking game and then devoured!


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Katbran, Thanks! My grandmother used whatever eggs the farmer had. I like to start with nice brown farm eggs to get that lovely consistent color. Supermarket white eggs are to worst; the shells are all mottled and look awful.

Hanadama, if you can stand one more story lol ... Last year we took our little family to the Mediterranean on vacation. We landed on the island of Corfu, Greece on orthodox Easter Monday. We rented a car, wandered around harbors, a monestery high an a hill where holiday locals were making their annual pilgrimage, and found our way into a tiny family restaurant, for a delicious meal. There was a family table set for guests who were obviously late, and a genial patriarch in a wheelchair, in his best Sunday black suit awaiting their arrival. The mother and son cooked and served us, and at the end of the meal, she uncovered and showed us her basket of beautifully dyed bright red eggs, and explained it was Easter for them. She was pleased we knew, and fascinated when we told her about our own family onion dyed eggs. As we left, she gifted us with her basket of 6 eggs, from her family to ours. It was so sweet ... and my daughter snacked on those for days :) One of our treasured memories.