Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Those pieces look fantastic together BWeaves! I know, I got "homesick" just watching that video :)
Thank you Pearly-Whites. Me too, Cathy! BW, I love the random, organic shapes in your tin-cup!
Today I wore my 35" golden Akoya strand, doubled.
35in yellw akoya2.jpg
35in yellw akoya.jpg
BW-- I do love the keishi strand, it really caught my eye the other day as well. Beautiful!

Sun seeker-- I love "creamy" pearls and those are lovely! Where did they come from?
BW - La Perlagrina and your Keshi tin cup look amazing together. Excellent layering.

SunSeeker - your goldens are so sweet and special. Just beautiful on you.
SunSeeker: Your goldens are lovely. You really did seek out a strand of little suns, didn't you?
Everyone is looking wonderful in their pearls, playing catchup on this thread is always a pleasure.

BWeaves, I love your keshi tin cup!

ETA: made a new pair of earring dangles, soft lilac Brazilian amethyst and Sea of Cortez keshi on 22kt yellow gold. I made the eye pin a bit bigger so I can hang them on hoops or use as pendants. My photo doesn't really capture the colorful orient of the keshis, but there's a lot of red, blue, and green orient! I have a few more of these keshi, but I'm hoping to gather more over time to make a wire wrapped necklace with these same amethyst beads. Will probably take forever to do so!
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MSC they are beautiful!! Such colourful pretty keshis.
Sunseeker, lovely golden akoyas!
BW, Tahitians look great. Beautifully layered!
I got a metallic strand of potato pearls that are such colour shifters.
They look pink in some lighting, gold, and very green in others.
Strung on shell Beader's Secret with a rose gold clasp :D

I find it very hard to match this length of jewelry to my clothing, I definitely prefer longer necklaces. But I couldn't get multiple strands of these so it'll just have to be a 17" strand!



Spring has sprung in CT and I am enjoying my summer tops and Tahitians!
This strand and my GSS are my 2 favorite strands.


  • near round : drop Tahitians.jpg
    near round : drop Tahitians.jpg
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Wowza! Now you have me convinced that Tahitians work as summer pearls, too! They always felt like winter pearls to me, because they matched my winter clothes better, but I love them with that turquoise top.
Thanks, both of you!

Bweaves, now I'll be looking for photos of your T's with your summer tops. ;)
Yes, Pattye, the strand runs to blue anyway, but blue tops bring out the color even more by way of reflection.
Here is the same strand worn another day with a gray top:


  • Tahitians with a gray top.jpeg
    Tahitians with a gray top.jpeg
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Oh, it has blemishes, Bailey! But none that bother me, not as it is now.

I replaced 3 of the original pearls and rearranged the strand to accommodate the changes. 2 silver drop pearls were replaced with peacock drop pearls, and one dark center pearl that was a bit barrel shaped, which had partial rings and a small blob on one side. I would not have minded those blemishes on any other pearl in the strand, but the center pearl, yes. Somehow the blemished side always managed to face outward, LOL, and of course my eye focused on it. Someone else might not have cared, but it bugged me, so it had to go! Luckily I found an even rounder pearl of the very same size for the center pearl, but blueish, and clean.

The replacement pearls made the strand more colorful but less constrast-y. It's still multicolor but in a different way. I like it better now, to be honest.
Here it is before the changes, although the grooves in the center pearl are not visible in this shot.


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    Near Round Tahitians.jpg
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