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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Katbran, I completely agree. It's a great length -long enough to admire the pearls but short enough to not get in the way!


Active member
Hanadama, your T bracelet is adorable and your silver rope looks beautiful and perfect on you! I am going to follow your lead and rework a long circled T rope into a shorter 30-32" strand, and likely have enough leftover for a bracelet. And I love, love, love your alien! So cute!! Also, looks like a little Day of the Dead skull!

Katbran, thanks for your insight regarding length. I like a longer rope in smaller pearls, but with larger pearls, I'd rather stay under 32". But really depends on how I feel about the pearls and if I'm making a piece to work with specific clothing.


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..speaking of skulls. I just made this little necklace as a present for my daughter. She is a big fan of all things Day of the Dead, sugar skull, etc. DayofTheDead.jpgDayofTheDead2.jpg


New member
SunSeeker I think you're right. The first long opera/short rope I made was around 30" and featured tiny 3-5mm oval pearls. The length did not worth at all with the tiny pearls and looked weird. But now I know larger pearls (8-10mm is large for me anyway!) look great at this length.

What a fun necklace! Your daughter is going to love it. Do toggle clasps stay in place? I've never used one before.
Hanadama--You have been a busy girl! I too love the 31-32 inch length! The silver T's are perfect and so wearable! I love the bracelet too!

Sunseeker--I love the fun necklace which makes the pearls casual and young! Your daughter will love the necklace. I love it too!


Active member
La Perlagrina from Komoka on a 20 inch gold chain, and a Tahitian keshi tin cup from Kojima.


I wore them with my Kojima and opal drop earrings and my Mom's opal ring.


I just finished watching an hour of Newberry's sinfully delicious birthday party in the Pearl Paradise vault in the recorded Facebook video.
It reminded me of Ruckus. It looked like so much fun.
BW-- I do love the keishi strand, it really caught my eye the other day as well. Beautiful!

Sun seeker-- I love "creamy" pearls and those are lovely! Where did they come from?


New member
BW - La Perlagrina and your Keshi tin cup look amazing together. Excellent layering.

SunSeeker - your goldens are so sweet and special. Just beautiful on you.


Natural Pearl Lover
Everyone is looking wonderful in their pearls, playing catchup on this thread is always a pleasure.

BWeaves, I love your keshi tin cup!

ETA: made a new pair of earring dangles, soft lilac Brazilian amethyst and Sea of Cortez keshi on 22kt yellow gold. I made the eye pin a bit bigger so I can hang them on hoops or use as pendants. My photo doesn't really capture the colorful orient of the keshis, but there's a lot of red, blue, and green orient! I have a few more of these keshi, but I'm hoping to gather more over time to make a wire wrapped necklace with these same amethyst beads. Will probably take forever to do so!
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New member
MSC they are beautiful!! Such colourful pretty keshis.
Sunseeker, lovely golden akoyas!
BW, Tahitians look great. Beautifully layered!


New member
I got a metallic strand of potato pearls that are such colour shifters.
They look pink in some lighting, gold, and very green in others.
Strung on shell Beader's Secret with a rose gold clasp :D

I find it very hard to match this length of jewelry to my clothing, I definitely prefer longer necklaces. But I couldn't get multiple strands of these so it'll just have to be a 17" strand!