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Thread: Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Well, my pearls have had a little more action than I wanted this week.

I dropped off a package at the UPS store, and as I walked out I saw one of my Kojima opal and Tahitian earrings laying on the sidewalk. I guess I didn't get the back closed all the way. The post was bent, but I was able to get it back into position and it seems fine now, but I keep checking my ears every 5 minutes. Absolutely no damage to the pearl after hitting the sidewalk from 5 feet up (approximate height of my ears from the ground).

Then I dropped my little H pendant on my tile floor. Total fumble on my part. I was showing the pendant to a friend. The pearl survived unscathed. Pearls are much tougher than I originally thought. But, I went to put the pendant on this morning, and one of the emerald points that was sticking out the side broke off. I'm going to try to glue it back in with a little jewelers glue when I get home from work. The pendant looks fine without it, but I liked it the original way. Since the emeralds are glued in anyway, I don't think I can hurt it. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

(Just so I don't forget, I have G-S Hypo Cement in my pearl beading stash.)
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BWeaves, I'd suggest you to contact Hisano to ask her which type of glue she uses for all her geode pearls. You might want to try two-part epoxy, but I don't encourage you to do that since I don't want your pendant get damaged. There are different brands, use the one for jewelry if you decide to glue the emeralds yourself. The earring post can be replaced easily - it depends on the type of course. Hope this helps.
Love the drop on the ring, MSC. I love to wear my pearls where I can see them!

Trulyviolet, no my Tahitian pieces really aren't that well matched but it seems to me it doesn't matter that much. There's enough distance between the neck and ears that they can look matched anyway. And yes, I think we should get to slice off the parts that get on our nerves! In honor of your great idea there, I wear "trulyviolet" pearls today (well, lavender anyway). :)

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truly violet pearls!!!!!!!! very cool thank you

they look wonderful on...
Kinda want to wear my lavender bracelet, too (6-7mm) because it's no fun when I can't see any of the pearls I'm wearing. I think it, along with the necklace and earrings, is too matchy-matchy though. But then do I really care if anyone at Panera and the Kroger thinks I'm a dork?

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they may just, that lady's got it together.......
*that's what i would think*
These are 14-15mm south sea pearl earrings, with a 6-7mm freshwater bracelet:



BWeaves, sorry to hear about your difficult pearl week! I would also encouage you to consult Hisano, if only to be sure of what type of glue to use. I'd worry if the glues aren't compatible, you could risk softening the other gems.
Gorgeous, Sea Urchin! The findings on the earrings are lovely. Your lavender collection is awesome! Haven't figured out lavenders myself :) ...
BWeaves sorry to hear about your misadventures. I'm glad your pearls came out unscathed. Good luck fixing the geode earring, I also recommend reaching out to hisano to see what she recommends.
I've sent an E-mail to Hisano via PP. I won't touch the pendant until I hear back from her.

Sea Urchin, those earrings and bracelet are stunning.
I'm so glad you found the earring, BWeaves. I remember several frantic searches after losing one earring.
I've sent an E-mail to Hisano via PP. I won't touch the pendant until I hear back from her.

Sea Urchin, those earrings and bracelet are stunning.
could she fix it for you?
i'm sorry this happened, i saw that pendant and it's a wonderful one
BWeaves- definitely get some advice - you might need to clean the old glue out and it would be best to find out how to do this. .. do keep us posted . Sadly this sort of accident is always a possibility with little bits that stick out .

Sea Urchin - Wow those SS pearls are just WOW! Gotta love the size!! Can you wear them all day..they must be about at the comfort limit in weight.. I'd never take them off !! lol

Mochiko - very pretty pearls ! They look lovely on you !