Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Icy. What can I say. They are all beautiful. Love the mismatched earrings. They looking amazing. Where did u get it done?
And that stud... huge coverage. Buttons? Metallics?
I completely have incredible jewels! That first pair, would you mind taking a shot off the ear? I am interested in how the pearl attaches to the earring (assuming that you thread one end through your piercing first). Thanks so much! And enjoy these treasures.
Thank you Katbran, Kalmen n JP.

Here is a pic of the dangles. You just stick the end of the post into the earring hole. The Japanese vendor that I bought the drops from at the fair did the setting for me. I've another wssp pair that's similar so I guess it's somewhat common in Japan.


Kalmen: the studs are Pteria penguin mabes from Japan. 13mm. I'll pm u re settings.
Amazing earrings icy! They all all so unique and special, I can't pick a favourite!
Yesterday we had our 6th anniversary, so we went out for a quick dinner with our one year old daughter. It was really only an hour, but it was fun to dress up an celebrate a little bit. I wore my Tahiti tin cup and Tahiti studs.
Tahiti tin cup and Tahiti studs
Tahitian tin cup and Tahitian studs
Katalin very nice. I understand I got 2 young kids and I feel like a slob most days. So it's lovely to dress up. Even if it's for an hour.
What are the beads between the Tahitians? Very interesting.

Today it's not really my pearls I'm wearing. I made a necklace for my mum. She choose the colours and I knotted it. I had to get 2 strands to make this approx (20-24"). Took it out for a test drive today. Surprisingly I really like the length too.

Lavender freshwater pearl strand
Kalmen22, what pretty pearls. I love the color and the length. How large are the pearls?
This past weekend was restaurant week in Dallas. It is a great time to try upscale restaurants because menus are set and prices are much lower. So, I got a little more dressed then I usually do in the summer. I wore my FW ripple pearls to which I attached a Lalique pendant. The pearls are 12-14mm and very metallic and almost smooth. I actually have two of these necklaces in slightly different lengths. They have magnetic clasps so I can easily attach them together to wear as a rope. This makes them very versatile.

12-14 mm FW ripple pearls to which I attached a Lalique pendant
Oh luvglitz, that's fabulous! I love the pendant with the pearls, it's so striking!
Kalmen and Luvglitz, dazzling pearls, ladies!!
Love the color and length kalmen... Luckily mom!
Luvglitz, I love pendants worn wth pearls!
Kalmen22 - thank you for your comment! The "beads" are small double sided connectors with diamonds set in the middle. I really like this necklace because of its lightness, but the diamonds give a little bit glam to it.

I can't even imagine to have 2 small children! I don't even have time for anything with one!