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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Oh luvglitz, that's fabulous! I love the pendant with the pearls, it's so striking!


Kalmen and Luvglitz, dazzling pearls, ladies!!
Love the color and length kalmen... Luckily mom!
Luvglitz, I love pendants worn wth pearls!


New member
Kalmen22 - thank you for your comment! The "beads" are small double sided connectors with diamonds set in the middle. I really like this necklace because of its lightness, but the diamonds give a little bit glam to it.

I can't even imagine to have 2 small children! I don't even have time for anything with one!


Active member
Today I threw together jewelry that I never would have worn together in the past. You all are so inspirational when you mix it all up, so I'm going to try harder.

Ruby hearts with pearl drops. Natural white hanadama rope. Pistachio baroque akoyas, and my Little h emerald pendant. Together with moonstone and sapphire ring on one hand and a pink tourmaline on the other hand. All with a white handwoven Tencel blouse of my own design.



The hanadamas kept banging into the pendant when I walked, so I probably won't do this combination again unless I'm going somewhere where I won't be running around so much..
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very nice IcyJade- I love how unique those hook earrings are. Also love those button metallics! I can see your hand holding the camera in that pearl! Amazing!