Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Beautiful, ckrickett! I love the colors with your top.
Today I threw together jewelry that I never would have worn together in the past. You all are so inspirational when you mix it all up, so I'm going to try harder.

Ruby hearts with pearl drops. Natural white hanadama rope. Pistachio baroque akoyas, and my Little h emerald pendant. Together with moonstone and sapphire ring on one hand and a pink tourmaline on the other hand. All with a white handwoven Tencel blouse of my own design.

Natural white hanadama rope Pearl Paradise. Pistachio baroque akoyas, and my Little h emerald pendant
Natural white hanadama rope. Pistachio baroque akoyas, and my Little h emerald pendant

The hanadamas kept banging into the pendant when I walked, so I probably won't do this combination again unless I'm going somewhere where I won't be running around so much..
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THanks Battah and Imgarden

Luvglitz : they are 10-11mm.

Bweaves love the mix
very nice IcyJade- I love how unique those hook earrings are. Also love those button metallics! I can see your hand holding the camera in that pearl! Amazing!
Yesterday we had our 6th anniversary, so we went out for a quick dinner with our one year old daughter. It was really only an hour, but it was fun to dress up an celebrate a little bit. I wore my Tahiti tin cup and Tahiti studs.
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Beautiful! Happy Anniversary...ours is today...24 years. Oh my.
Great layering, BWeaves!

Happy anniversary, Katalin and JP!
Today's pick. The dress is a little busy for it, but whatever.
I don't think the dress is too busy for the pearls. You look great.

Well, I noticed my favorite pair of Kamoka earrings finally sold, and not to me. Thank you to whoever saved my pocketbook from another purchase. It was the flashy 9 mm drops on the large French hooks. THESE:

I just couldn't justify buying them when I had these opal and Tahitian drops from Kojima.

opal and Tahitian drops from Kojima and La Perlagrina from Kamoka

And La Perlagrina from Kamoka. But boy were those earrings gorgeous. Whoever bought them, wear them in the best of health (and make me your beneficiary).
Battah - love the pearls, love the dress!
BWeaves - your Kamoka pendant is stunning. And the flashy drops were my favourite too! Whoever got them is very lucky.
Beautiful pearls, may I ask where you get them?

Katalin very nice. I understand I got 2 young kids and I feel like a slob most days. So it's lovely to dress up. Even if it's for an hour.
What are the beads between the Tahitians? Very interesting.

Today it's not really my pearls I'm wearing. I made a necklace for my mum. She choose the colours and I knotted it. I had to get 2 strands to make this approx (20-24"). Took it out for a test drive today. Surprisingly I really like the length too.