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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thank you Lady's :)

Red I can't wait to see you too! It seems like more than a year has past and we have lots of catching up to do. Between you, me and Kay we can truly be the golden girls. I'll bring lots of pearls to the ruckus if you will ;) I'm going to see Jeremy and Hisano tomorrow. I'm working on different projects with both of them. I already know I'm in trouble because my horoscope says "It's as if you have lost the ability to tell the difference between enough and too much" Oh boy ;)

Yes, we will be the golden girls. I think I probably do have enough GSS pearls at this point.


New member
So, this is what I was wearing last Friday after Newberry and I left Pearl Paradise:

Earrings 1.jpgEarrings 2.jpg

When I saw these golden drops on the blog post last week, my heart went pitter-pat, so I contacted Jeremy right away. I assumed they were already spoken for, but I got lucky because the person who originally requested the drops backed out.


We were already planning a trip for Friday, so I got to see the drops in person. They are 22k, so just a shade lighter than my 24k strand, but I couldn't resist the luster and the perfect drop shapes. Fortunately, they had just the YG pave hoop setting I wanted in stock (I have the same setting in WG). I am one happy camper!


New member
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love a perfect drop for earrings. Please wear these to the ruckus in two weeks so I can see them in person. The luster and overtones look wonderful.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
My daughter and I went out for lunch today, and I wore my GSS. I think she is being converted slowly to pearls, judging by her reaction to these. ;) I'd better budget for a GSS strand for her... college graduation, maybe.


  • GSS worn out to lunch.jpg
    GSS worn out to lunch.jpg
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Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Thanks ckrickett! I love wearing them. They are so comfortable.

I find oval/drop pearls more comfortable than round ones in general, especially for larger pearls. Maybe it's the fact that more of the pearl is in contact with the skin. Spreads the load, as it were.