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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

baby nurse

New member
Thanks, Pearl Dreams and GemGeek! I finally get the appeal of round white pearls-- I love these! The vast majority of my collection is colorful baroque, which is wonderful. I think it's always exciting to try something new and this is a complete change for me.


New member
Just lovely, all! BWeaves, that "vintage sweater and akoya" look is darling ... my husband is a big fan of those late night, black & white OLD episodes of Perry Mason, and the vintage pearl looks on there are very entertaining!

baby nurse, you continue to surprise me :) Since earlier comments have disappeared ... I remember those lavendar tiny pearls from Mikeyy's suitcase! Had in my hands for a bit, then chose a slightly different tiny pearls strand of the palest ice grey with small white pearl stations ... it's surprising how often I wear it and what it looks good with! Wouldn't it be fun to have a pre-or post ruckus shopping expedition ... wear your favorite pearls and find a top that looks terrific with those pearls :) ?
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New member
baby nurse -- I remember those tinies. ovely! And the white Edisons are simply gorgeous on you!!! Wear in health and happiness!!!


Babynurse lovely outfit and gorgeous pearls.

My Fiji keshi pearl ring is finally complete and should be on its way to me soon. :D

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Little pearls, big pearls, pearls on rings, rings with pearls. I love them all. You ladies all look gorgeous in your pearls.

As much as I love multiple strands of small pearls, because they are so comfortable to wear, those Edisons are giving me pearl shrinkage syndrome. I thought my pearl choker had large pearls when I bought it back in the 1980s. Now it looks so tiny to me.

I'm curious, are Edisons heavy?


New member
As always, gorgeous choices, ladies!

'm going to re-post the ones of mine that disappeared...

Tiny lavenders from Mickeyy's suitcase, Ruckus 2014.

View attachment 39421

View attachment 39422

View attachment 39423

BN, those little lavenders are just perfect for that top. The colours just go well together.

What are white Edisons? They look like white metallics to me but are they completely different type of pearls?
They are magnificent by the way

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Edisons are bead nucleated (and thus round) and larger; the metallic white FWP are neither bead nucleated nor very large, and are generally off-round.