Show us your menagerie

And back by popular demand, the turtle buddies!


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Thanks for the kind words - I do find myself grinning ear to ear when I sculpt these little guys!
Great little quaker! But gosh, my heart goes to the turtles every time because my son was nicknamed Tommy Turtle as a baby.
Look what I found inside a giant clam!!!

Look what I found inside a giant clam!!!

Ok, admittedly the pearl is tiny, but I wanted to show off my latest piece. I found a perfect "giant" clam shell in French
Polynesia about 10 years ago, maybe 1.5" long, both sides intact. That was the trip when I first met Josh of Kamoka pearls, right after I first joined PG. The little shell has been sitting in my stash of treasures for years, but I finally got around to making a mold of it to pair with a tiny mermaid and her little cephalopod playmate. The pearl in the octo's head is a super metallic freshwater drop I picked out in Hong Kong a couple years ago, when I was lucky enough to sort through the now-legendary "Sheri's Screamers". So, this pendant actually brings back memories of two fantastic travel adventures and some of my favorite PG experiences. I'm happy with the way it turned out, and the memories it inspires!


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That's an amazing piece of art there! She even has a cute tush!
I adore your new piece, Sheri! You have combined so many wonderful elements (and she does have a cute tush).
Oh wow, I just saw this. Sooooo, cute. I love everything about it. and the cute tush.