Report from Las Vegas: The First Day of Couture

Saw this report!

First time I saw the Autore necklace, I sure wanted one! brings out the Danaerys in me. :p Glad it took the award for pearls! :)

Compared to my original seed pearl earrings, these pearls are on the larger side, but I fell in love with the color and luster. I just got home from Mom's house last night and I can take photos and post them so you can get better idea.
Blaire -- I can hardly wait to see you, your pearls, and mostly -- to give you a big hug in person!!!
Jeremy, thanks for the report and pictures. Can hardly wait for more!
BAS - you have a big warm hug waiting for you! It's been a long time. :) In fact, I am going to wash myself in pearly hugs - the more - the better!!
Thanks for the report, Jeremy! Blaire, you look fabulous! Can't wait to see you all again!
It sounds like a super-ruckus!

Here are the pearls and a comparison of the sizes. The bigger pearls remind me of papaya seeds almost bursting out of the fruit. Chester likes them. My intent was to find a pendant to go with the white earrings, but that will have to wait for someday in the future.

I can totally see the papaya there, GemGeek! :)

I had 2 cats that had Chester's coloring. They both had strong personalities! Is Chester a mellow fellow, or is he a bit feisty?
Chester is definitely mellow, but he does love to play. Mellow, but strong in his way -- I packed my suitcase for Vegas and went to Mom's house with him on Sunday the week before the show. I left the suitcase across from the front door for four days. He gave me the cold haunch the whole time, ready for me to dump him at any moment, until our friend came and picked up the cats. When we picked him up, the suitcase was in the same position, untouched again for four days until we went back to my house. It's tough to be a Tabby. Just when you think you have everything figured out, it changes!
Ah, those photos really show off the color differences ... just gorgeous, Blaire ... no wonder you fell in love with lavender!

But I must admit I might be in love with your yellow cat :)
I'm in love with a blond!. He's buff colored, but he occasionally looks orange. It all depends on the light -- kind of like a pearl!
Oh where oh where has my mollusk gone?
Oh where oh where can she be?
beautiful photos, Blaire! I love that Chester is also doing a studious review of your little h treasures as well!
Thanks! I appreciate all the compliments. I surprised myself by getting a set so I could walk them around. I got a lot of compliments and people are cognizant of her work in a way they were not in the past. It was very exciting.