Report from Las Vegas: The First Day of Couture


Pearl Paradise
Jun 22, 2004
Hisano is exhibiting at Couture this year instead of the Design Center and JCK (moving on up:):)) and I decided to tag along. I spent the day visiting some pretty incredible people and companies in the pearl industry.

The pearl eye candy is here!
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Wow! What spectacular creations. Thanks for sharing the displays with us!!!
What a spectacular venue! I love how Little h has a totally different pearl look from the other sellers.
Great job, Jeremy! Couture is awesome.
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Fantastic, Jeremy ... with thanks for taking us along for a glimpse! Please let Hisano know she has our support :)
I absolutely love that both pearls and aquamarine are having moments right now! That Fiji strand with the aquas reminds me of the strand I made for my birthday using blue gem quality Tahitians and aquamarines that I had specially sourced for the project.

The very best wishes to Hisano (and Jeremy too) for a wonderful show!
Made my purchase while she still had pearls in pearls yesterday so I could walk them around the JCK show today! Love Little h. Matching lavender earrings and pendant.

Thank you, Pattye! I will bring them to the ruckus. Jeremy tells me that everything is set. We are ready to pearl party!
Oh Blaire, you look lovely in those gorgeous little H pearl pieces ... my favorite pearl in pearl design still! Can't wait to see the pearls, and you ... we have hugs saved for you :)
Blaire, those pieces look as if they were made just for you!!!