little h Goes Lapis at Couture

Two years ago, designer Hisano Shepherd acquired 1mm faceted lapis lazuli stones, but was waiting on the right pearls and the right settings to create a new line. When she recently found 22K gold granules, she achieved her vision: "I was thinking of the golden specks you see in lapis". Fittingly, 22K gold is a big step up from pyrite!

This also works well with the constellation theme running through her Pearl Geodes -- a sprinkling of tiny pearls among the gems, like stars in the heavens.

These photographs are from the Couture Show in Las Vegas, where Hisano made her debut as an exhibitor and was very well received.

Sliced pearl geode set with lapis stones - little h

If you are unfamiliar with lapis lazuli, there is often a matrix of iron pyrite running through the stones. As in the pearls, it can show as tiny specks against a deep blue background.

lapis beads wire wrapped with pearls

More jewels to love.

Three lapis pearl geode pendants by little h

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