Orient and freshadama/mettalic freshwater questions

Here is another example. These pearls are iridescent. They have no discernible overtone or orient. Instead, they look like they were lightly coated in aurora borealis.

Thanks GemGeek and Dave for photos and explanations. (Pretty proportions on the pearl caps, too :))
I have a request. At the next Ruckus, can someone speak about "Orient, Overtone and Iridescence"? An explanation followed by a few clear examples of each visible on a variety of pearls that we could handle and inspect would be terrific! With so many farmers/vendors present, there should be some beautiful examples available and great discussions taking place.

Yes please with lots of examples.
Yes to the Ruckus idea too! And Gem Geek, those pearls are lovely, but the settings are just extraordinarily pretty :)
Well I have to say that I'm started to get a grasp on the difference thanks to the brilliant explanations by Dave and GemGeek ..I love the lake comparison.. that actually helped a lot ! And the photos were excellent ! I don't know that I'll ever grasp it without seeing the pearls in real life with someone pointing out the differences but after this thread I feel a bit closer to understanding it.
Another vote for the Ruckus discussion, with video and other photos so everyone can learn. Katbran, start saving your airline hoard, You will love coming to Ruckus!
Whicker - I would love to make it one year but it always seems that my travels interfere with the timing of the ruckus. I'm in the States every year at some point and also in Europe at some point and then in Hong Kong at least once a year..so my 'hoard' never gets to build up as I'm spending it lol One of these days the timing will work ... I was thinking of coming over in Feb ... and there is a show in Tuscon....hmmm
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Hi folks,
I too would appreciate some clarification. I recently ordered a white freshadama strand for my wife with rose overtones. It looks great, now I'm wondering if I should have looked at the "metallic" variety. How do they compare? Thanks!
That's it in a nutshell: the Freshdamas are rounder, while the white metallic freshwaters have a harder, sharper luster.

There may also be a difference based on the body color and overtones of the pearls you select.
I would say the pair have pink and green overtones. As for the golden SSP, I do see the green overtone.

Orient is usually easier to see in pearls of irregular shape; the layers of nacre refract the light to create a rainbow effect.

The overtone is seen in the dark area in a highly lustrous pearl. Orient can be seen anywhere on the pearl. Let me dig up a photo that I've used before...

Okay, look at this:

and this:

and contrast that orient with the pink and blue overtones in these vintage graduated akoyas:


Bumping this thread to ask Pearl Dreams if on the off chance, you still have the photos you linked above? The links are no longer working. Thanks!
Thanks to GemGeek and Lagoon Island Pearls for such a great explanation, LOVE the lake comparison :)

My understanding, please feel free to correct me if i am wrong;

Metallic refers to color.

Freshadama refers to Grading system, in this case by PP of its freshwater pearls that quality (luster, roundness, clean of blemishes) exceed AAA. Other vendors would refers by different terms -- Gem Grade, AAAA, Elite Collection, etc).

Hence, there are Freshadama freshwater pearls are in lavendor, white, metallic (more rare) etc
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Myizzke, Metallic refers to luster. A very high luster that mimics the reflective luster of metal.

hanadama, I lost a bunch of photos when I deleted photos in my albums. I'll go have a look and see if I can figure out which photos they were.