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Pearling Technologies

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  • Sorry I forgot to look here. Business is good. Of coarse the shell biz has slowed down a bunch. The nuclei Biz has been holding steady for a few years now. Filling my orders. Its not the wild west anymore, like it was in the old days. As you know. I always have a few plates spinning though.
    We do some Caviar processing now also. Couple of new things coming up.
    Believe it or not I am clueless about pearls. I mean as far as quality and price. So I joined this group to learn a little. Some of the info sinks in. I would like to try and get involved in this end of the business.
    I see that you are involved in this now also.
    I hope you don't mind if I hit you up for some education now and then. And I would like to hear more about the farming investments on your site. I have an idea but I wouldn't mention it on this board.
    And hows your dad. Is he semi retired?
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