Kojima Pearl

Here's another piece we just finished here...
My cousin Diana wrapped each bead (the inside of which is a big Tahitian pearl, albeit not a very shiney one, but a pearl nonetheless). The wrapped beads are about 28mm each, which seem to dwarf the banded South Sea pearls (14mm). The necklace is 17" and it feels magical.
I asked her how long it took to make the 12 beads... she smiled and said... I lost count, but it was relaxing.... (she has a three year old at home!)


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Simply stunning Sarah..... that is an extremely beautiful piece!
Just gorgeous! What are all the materials wrapped around the Tahitian to make the large beads?
AMAZING! Just when I think I'll never see anything new, I get my socks knocked off. ;) Congratulations to both of you. Keep it up.
I've been reading this forum for months and have seen some fabulous pearls but nothing has moved me to post like this necklace has. WOW! I can't stop looking at it, I've never seen anything like it.Your eariings made by Judi are also TDF. Congratulations to both of you and your cousin for such stunning visions of what fashion foward pearls can look like.
Very Spiffy Sarah! I love the idea of using a "not so shiny" pearl and wrapping it Very creative! Great Job!


Thanks everybody,
Kauai Anne: those are little (2-3mm) natural color "pondslime" Chinese fresh water pearls with opalescent Japanese glass seed beads. The seed beads lend just a smidgen of sparkle.
I love this piece >> yesterday I wore it all day at the studio.
Oh Sarah, that is so delicious, I'd get married again just to wear it!
Ooohh....I really like that one. Look at all the work involved!

OK I'd like to share my new Kojima necklace. Just what I was looking for. Thanks again Sarah.


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Thanks Pattye, they are 45". Will see if I can snap a pic this week.
I just saw that wrapped and ss pearl necklace. I'm gobsmacked. I love the whole idea of wrapping the Tahitians. What wonderful work!
mrsz your rope is stunning.......gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I LOVE the mix of different pearl types. May you enjoy it in good health :)
Simply stunning Sarah..... that is an extremely beautiful piece!

I second what Nerida said! Good heavens Sarah, that piece deserves a name and belongs on a red carpet!!! Congratulations to you and Diana and thank you so much for showing us :)
yes, this is a true work of art... I keep coming back to this thread to gaze once more... I don't ooh and aah over everything, but this is exceptional!
At the risk of sounding like a parrot "I like it" No, I really do.