Heading To Guaymas!


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Jun 22, 2004
Well, Caitlin, Blaire (GemGeek) and I are headed to the Cortez pearl farm tomorrow! We'll fill you all in when we return!
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Hey my mariachi partner left without me. Jeremy is singing solo this trip. Vaya con dios amigos aha!
The first night in Guaymas!


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Aaaahhh what a great pic of a happy trio :) Thanks Jeremy.
Best wishes for a wonderful time and safe travels.
The first night in Guaymas!

What fun! And note the obviously placed water bottles to give it a nice wholesome touch (we know they're really filled with tequila...).

Have a great time, and please give my warmest regards to Douglas! And make sure he shows you his pearl crown...

Where are you Guys! I have been waiting for you since yesterday!
I am glad you made it to Guaymas...but could you just phone??? Just dial 22-101-36
Hope to see you soon :)
Oh how fun!! Can't wait to see more pictures of you all and Doug's glorious pearls!
Who took the pic?