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  • Yes Maria, finding a manufacturer you trust and can rely on is difficult and imperative! Luckily I have a couple up my sleeve.... The 2 and 3 strand bracelets I have manufactured in Australia.
    I am in HK for the show coz the trade fair was ridiculously successful!! I might add a pic of my trade fair stand to the album..
    Maria dear,
    You are lucky to got to see it.
    I knew very little about the painting, but from what I read, it still seems like it need further verification. Still, all sorts of daVincis have been popping up lately and have been verified - like the one in Krakow.
    The one from Krakow is now on tour in Budapest.
    Warm regards,
    Hi Maria, I'm an art historian, preferring the Greek art, Medieval and Contemporary. I love architecture and design.
    Why did you ask?
    Warm regards,
    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for your nice comments... yes, multistrand bracelets, like the lavender ones in the photo sell really well. You are right though, it is hard to convey the costs... the cover pic, the grey bracelet, I have made overseas, so the costs are minimised, but the others are all done here, so indeed it is like selling a necklace every time you sell a double strand bracelet!
    I am at a trade fair this coming weekend, so it will be interesting to see if they wholesale as well as they retail.
    Dear Maria,
    Thank you very much for your wishes.
    May we all have great and happy year !!!
    Hi Maria,

    Thank you, thank you.

    The Cortez pendant was a joint effort. Douglas provided the nicest pearl of the 2008 harvest ( "Pearl Farm in the Sea of Cortez" post 57), I put up a 0.18ct. diamond that I had, and Jeremy put them all together.

    The earrings are from the most prestigious of Greek jewelers, Ilias Lalaounis. (Jacqueline Kennedy, the former Queen Soraya of Persia, and me..... :)
    Eli bought them for me two years ago on Mykonos.

    I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year !!!
    We laugh about Cleveland being so beautiful that he should be a girl, so I'm not surprised. Did you know that most orange cats are boys?

    Around 24 years ago I was shopping in La Jolla, an oceanside town here in San Diego County. After checking out my favorite little shop that sold rocks and minerals, I stopped at a gift shop next door and voila! There she was! ;) (Octavia)
    Ha! I am Octavia's Mom. I didn't realize it could come across as the kittie's. Oscar and Cleveland are mine, and Savannah is Mom's, but we all live together and the only noticeable difference is that Savannah usually sleeps with Mom at night and the boys sleep with me. I love them all soooo much!
    No I haven't tried the plastic bag thing yet. It was fingers and then chase around the car port, wildly waving hammer and whacking! lol
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