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  • Hey There- I hope you're doing well! I wanted to get in touch with you regarding an article that I'm writing for JNA on branded pearls. What would be the best way to get in touch with you and pick your brain a bit? :)
    Hey Josh; I sent you a message after the Ruckus, and I'm not sure if my PMs are getting through to the people. So I will try again.
    I just wanted to thank you again for bringing your pearls and allowing us to pick some. I love my glorious Kamoka drop. It will probably be the most lovely pearl I will ever own. Sheri (?) picked out a big dark purple one that I had my eye on. If you ever get another like that, could you consider me? I certainly don't expect ruckus prices.
    I hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer. Take care. Sincerely Linda Mantei.
    Just wanted to say that I love the changes to the website! Well done! Gorgeous girl :) and even more gorgeous pearls!
    Josh, I am trying to access your website - but to no avail. Seems to be a constant threat to my computer - unsure if it has interrupted your email as well. Please feel free to contact me here or via email. Thanks much! Kristin
    Hi Josh,

    My name is Dalia and i am from Israel.
    Me and my husband are starting a pearl import venture, and from what i read so far you are the one to talk to re Tahitians.
    Please let me know if you might be inerested and we'll continue from there.

    Kind Regards,

    Hey Josh, just checked out your info on location, etc... I'm interested in talking more about possibly making a connection for pearls... Andrea aka.Haolegirl
    Hi Josh,
    I read on a thread you are the mean to seek for Tahitian pearls. I am interested in finding REAL tahitian pearls to implement into my jewelry. Where are you located?
    Where are your pearls harvested?
    Can you help me with this or possibly guide me in the right direction? Mahalo, Haolegirl
    Hey! not spending too much time online lately. Too busy working... or S-word-ing?
    My friend William told me he got in touch with you. Make him a price, he'll take good care of your pearls ;)
    Dude, you are a world-class photographer. Start collecting photos that aren't shared so you can create a book. All you need is an agent or a publisher, or better, both. For now, just put the best ones on permanent media. I just lost everything on my hard drive, so I know! ;)
    Thierry must have a pretty distinctive ear (or hands?) for you to recognize him from my photo! Thanks for looking at my pictures, Josh. I still feel rather unworthy compared to your prowess with the camera! Then again, I'm afraid of waves, so I'll stick to the calm underneath. Sheri
    Hey Josh, haven't been avoiding you, just trying to deal with website stuff as well as selling pearls... Great goodlooking fish in the photos, BTW!
    Sure enough, didn't get it again. I'll email you now and hopefully we'll be able to communicate like good cyber people.
    Tried another email but since you didn't respond I suppose you didn't get it. Do you have a safelist? My email is Perhaps if you send me one I can respond.

    yup thats a sturgeon from the mighty Fraser River - I was tired after that battle.
    Hey, spear-fishing dude, don't you dare put me on your "Friends" list if you know what's good for you!

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