Heading To Guaymas!

What fun! And note the obviously placed water bottles to give it a nice wholesome touch (we know they're really filled with tequila...).

Have a great time, and please give my warmest regards to Douglas! And make sure he shows you his pearl crown...


The scotch is just to the right. Jeremy actually moved it out of the shot! :eek:
Dinner, a whole snapper and chile rellenos stuffed with shrimp! Yum!!! ;)


Douglas being Douglas...

On the farm...

Douglas, Jeremy, Caitlin and Filomena, a small gray whale...
So glad that you are having such a well deserved wonderful time. Thanks for sharing. This is better than Calgon!
Thanks! We got our butts wet on the boat today. Actually, I got most of my lower half wet, but it was well worth it. Then we went and ate street tacos -- yum! ;)






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Thank you! This helps over some boring work until is is late enough to go home. I wish I were there.
It's been a great trip so far! The food (and company) has been especially great. We are also learning a lot about Doug's operation down here.
Beautiful pearls. I wish I was there too. And the food!!! - I love Chilie Relleno - and with shrimp!!! Hmmnn - my mouth is watering.

The thickness of the nacre is very impressive. Is that your hand, Jeremy? ;)
Thank you for sharing photos of your trip and the pearls. Are those mabe rings on silver? Why are there 2 ends sticking out of some rings? They look too short to be curled into spirals like the others?
Nora, it's my hand, but it does look like a "man hand" in the photo because it's kind of curled up to keep the pearl from flipping over.

Cathy, actually, I just had another look at the picture. When viewed from above the wires look more squiggly and it makes more sense.

Right now the signal is too low to post more photos, but I will post more when I get a chance. ;)
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