got tiaras?

Ko 2ko 3

Thank you for the honor !!!

As a "thank you" gift, I give you two pictures of my crazy daughter.... One as "pretty girl" and one as dead bride on Halloween....;)
Ivona... Your daughter has AMAZING eyes!
Pearl prizes going in the mail today.
Thanks for playing ladies! I hope this finds you all full of wonder!
Sarah, Pattye.... I'm speechless !!

After you told me that I'm one of the winners of this contest and that I'll receive a "prize" by mail, I expected a little 4" strand of FW potato pearls...

Look WHAT I GOT !!!:
Fat cat in a little boxPPBaroqueTahitianSmall19" copper FW necklace.  This one will be redone as I don't like the knotting or the findings.BothTahitiansSmallPEARLS!!!!

Beautifully wrapped in silk bag, I found few Tahitian pearls (nice baroque drops and banded..), few Japanese Kasumi and Akoyas ( my first real Kasumi !!), Bag of crazy shaped lilac FW pearls ( I love the shapes!!!)with some small round ones ( beautiful luster on those).

And as a "piece de resistance" a strand of Oregon sunstone...Lovely, lovely beads. I always wanted to have some, but was shy to buy them...

I don't believe that my "tiara" deserves such a recognition... but my crazy daughter who wore it certainly does.. ;)

Some of those pearls will end up in her earlobes and on her neck !! :)

Thanks again!!

Note to other PG members: PARTICIPATE, PARTICIPATE, PARTICIPATE !!! you never know what might happen.. LoL....
I got mine today as well, Ivona. And I can only add to the chorus - if these two beautiful, amazing, generous women ever promises to give away prices, then get in the game!!

- Karin
So, I'm "test driving" the Kasumi's as earrings today on a pair of vermeil hooks. Nice hooks, but with these stunning (and huge!) pearls? No. I am more surprised than I would have expected at how great the pearls look. They deserve something better, something classy 14K/18K.

For all of you knowledgable people out there, this is what I'm considering:

Any other suggestions? Though keep in mind, that my max. is around $200 and I have to get them to Denmark without being ripped off by customs, so either EU or someone who is willing to send without courier.

- Karin
Are Sarah and Pattye not two of the most loving, generous and FUN souls ever?!?!!!!

Three big cheers!
And the pictures reminded me of a little mermaid's treasure.
Thanks Sarah, Katbran and Adeline :) I do like the earwires too and the price is pretty good. I like this high carat look too, though:

Choices, choices - such luxury to even have to choose... I've been spending quite a bit of money on art supplies resently and then there's saving up to go to the ruckus. i'll just have to wave my magic wand and conjure up a few extra $$.

- Karin
My Favorite Natural Pearl Tiara by Imperial


The center pearl resting on the peak of the tiara was coined the ?Star of the Celebes?. Celebes is an island in Indonesia that is more recently known as Sulawesi. That particular pearl weighs in at 56 grains. The 170 other pearls range in color from golden, rose, silver blue, Smokey gray and a distinct blue. The total diamond weight is unknown.