My latest pearl project


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Jul 2, 2008
I am a bit hesitant to post here because my pictures still need work, and so many here take such fabulous pictures of their beautiful pearls. I did purchase daylight bulbs but still don't have a perfect set up to photograph jewelry. My husband's tripod is not working out as well as I had hoped. I guess I just need to keep experimenting. At any rate here is my Indonesian pearl and sapphire necklace. I finally finished it after starting it months ago.

The central pearl has a very nice moderately intense golden yellow color that appears somewhat washed out in the photos. The other four are more yellow that in the pictures but are definitely paler than the central pearl.

There are over 280 yellow, golden, cognac, and orange/rose sapphire briolettes. The seven larger ones over the central pearl are over six and one half carats total weight, flawless, and untreated. The others that comprise the chain are smaller, some are not treated and flawless, but some,especially those toward the back of the chain have inclusions. I am sure that many of the smaller ones are at least heated.

The central pearl is finished with a 22k handmade small bead with a small pale yellow, transparent diamond bead, above is another similar diamond bead and 22 and 18k gold beads. The diamonds total about one half carat. 14, 18, 20, and 22k beads and spacers are used as well as an 18k handmade (not by me--I wish!!) clasp.
The 12.5 mm central pearl has a beautiful luster, and with the exception of the ringing, has no additional flaws that are visible without some magnification. The other pearls have some small visible flaws and range from 9.5 to slightly over 10 mm.

Sorry, I tend to be very detailed in my descriptions--but here are the pictures.

Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful pearls and creations. I have learned so much!


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Congratulation Claudenancy ! it is a very beautiful necklace.
Very cool. I should have said that my bulbs are about a foot away from the subject. And having some additional daylight doesn't hurt. Just being close to a window and defusing the light should do the trick.
Detailed, blow-by-blow description of how you made it and the materials you used, please. Also is this for you or for sale? It's very pretty.
That is a really nice piece, very well done. I don't usually like anything yellow (not my colour at all) but that is a great bit of work.
Thank you so much for your kind comments. Mike, your comments are very helpful, especially regarding lighting.
THis was an experimental necklace with lots of improvising--and false starts, but I did learn alot. I will be glad to give a description of its creation and share that with those interested. It will be rather long--the process is somewhat complex although I have some ideas for simplifying it. I could either post it in beaders club, or send it to those who are interested so it does not take up space. I will be glad to do either.

As for selling it--I started this as a hobby but I have been asked to consider selling through a wearable art gallery. Unfortunately, by the time markups are added (a little for my time--gallery mark up etc.) this piece could become quite expensive. I am currently planning to show them some of my pieces that were not made for sale, with a list of materials price, estimate of time that it would take to make a similar piece (minus my "learning" time on the first ones), and what I think I would need to get to make the sale worthwhile. I expect the costs will be too much for some of the pieces, but I could then negotiate to make similar pieces with somewhat simplified designs. For example, time and materials could be cut down for this necklace if the central pearl was not a drop, and if in the center of the necklace I did not add a third strand of sapphires. (I will explain this in my process description.)--also quality of materials could be varied to reduce costs (e.g., gold filled or 14k versus 18-22, omission of the little diamonds, etc.) Because this is a fairly exclusive gallery, I would probably only make a few pieces for sale each year. I really don't know if this is a good strategy or not, but I think it would be one that I could live with. I certainly do not want to take the fun out of this; however, at some point the accumulation of jewelry will definitely outstrip my lifestyle. (Honestly it already has!) Selling may be my only option if I want to continue!

I will prepare the description of the process. Any feedback on whether to place it in the forum or send it to those interested will be appreciated. All have have generously shared their knowledge so I am glad to contribute in the most appropriate way. Thanks again, Beth
Oh, Beth,
It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the rich, autumnal colours of the beads and the lustre of those pearls is beautiful. Everything works together perfectly. :)
Oh, Beth,
It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the rich, autumnal colours of the beads and the lustre of those pearls is beautiful. Everything works together perfectly. :)

I wholly agree with Sueki. Lovely style and beautiful. Can you give an extended description under the "Lowly Beader?s Club"?

Thanks for the nice pics.:)
Thanks again for all of your kind comments. I have written a description of how I made the necklace. I was also thinking of adding labels to some of the photographs to help illustrate the process but that will have to wait. I have to pack for a trip but will answer questions and add labeled pictures after we return in mid December.

For now I will add the description in a thread in the Beader's Club.

Peace, Beth