got tiaras?

The whole enchilada, Sarah

The whole enchilada, Sarah

Suspect that is your head upon which this exquisite piece sits? Wonder if you'd show the whole piece in your hair... or whomever's hair. It's magical, and makes me want something with pearls and coral.
What about illustrated designs? I am no goldsmith, sad to say, but I can draw :rolleyes:
Kathleen: As a Duchesse... I am sure you understand, "a princess never tells!"

I agree with Pattye.. variety will make this more fun!
I have been mulling the idea around in my head (ha ha, not on it) and was thinking that with out having the tools to solder metal and set pearls, that all other sorts of materials could be used... such as coat hanger wire, and elastic (or materials used for flower arranging). I have not gotten much further than the ideas bubbling around, but I think that as long as it involves pearls and you had fun making it... it will be a worthy and precious contender. Drawings will allow for more variety and less mess and I am really looking forward to this!
Thanks for playing!
Cheers, Sarah
What a beautiful tiara! I think a pearl tiara (or billiment) is a wonderful hair accessory for a wedding dress.

My daughter wears this thing almost daily.... no comment.... she likes to "glitter".
Far cry from professionaly made tiara that started this thread.
FW pearls and Swarovski.
Base is a metal hair band with those comb like "teeth". Pearls and Swarovski on thin (32) metal wire.
Originally it was little fuller and bigger. I made it for her wedding, together with necklace, bracelet and earrings. She looked like a chandelier in my opinion... but when does mothers opinion count ???? She wanted this "look" LoL...
Sweet! The hair is an even better accessory! ;)

My daughter hair it's a whole another story..... I don't remember what the natural color is....... For graduation it was orange, for wedding red, now it's hot pink......

I gave up few years ago on commenting.....
I know Ivona, I know, there, daughter's just 23 and why she'd want to do anything but wash & dry her beautiful curly hair, I don't know! I almost despair. She irons it straight, too. My only hope of seeing it natural is maybe soon, since she's in her first ap't and money is tight...much as we love and defend them, who understands this weird color trend?
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Giving this thread a bump and relisting the, ahem, rules--

OK! It's official then! TIARA/BILLIMENT/CORONET/CROWN Design Contest!

How do these work for "rules"?

1. Design and create the adornment of your choice, using pearls as your primary gems.

2. Other gemstones and materials can be included.

3. Post pictures, or drawings, detailing the materials used and any design challenges. A picture of you wearing your creation would be delightful!

4. Contest starts now, and will end on Feburary 14, 2012. Valentine's Day will be perfect to make our debut in our new Pearl Adornments!

5. ALL contestants will receive an award (not yet decided on) for participating!

6, Multiple entries allowed. Previously made items allowed!

Any suggestions and comments? These rules can be modified! I hope this will give us something fun to work on through those dreary days of January!
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Wish I had the time to do this! I look forward to seeing all the entries. :cool:
Me, too! Thanks for extension...from the ultimate procrastinator.

And happy Valentine's Day to all!