got tiaras?

Bweaves, you haven’t de-stashed your various, glorious head-toppers, have you? That’d be so sad.

ladydisdain, as an artist in precious metals, your ‘toppers’ would be something to see!

thanks for giving us the location, lilpearl. I was dreaming of possible antiquities and locations all over the globe. This has been fun!

Pattye and Sarah, best ever!!!!!!
and madly waving Hello to the rest of our Pearlie Buds we see, and miss.
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I still have all my tiaras.

I'm wearing one for Thanksgiving dinner. With pearls, and wearing my jammies.

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham tiara, for first plate of dinner:


Grand tiara for second plate of dinner:


Greg laughed at me, but it was a laugh of approval. Unfortunately, my camera did not pick up all the rainbow sparkles.

No pearls. I didn't want to get food on them, and I did all the cooking. Greg did all the cleaning up. It was just the two of us.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! I ain't got a Tiara, but I've got a Kilt! I fancy I will wear it tonight! :cool:
We need a picture of that outfit, Douglas!
Very regal tiaras, BWeaves.
Sure thing! ;
Eli y Douglas con Kilt cumpleanos Chamaca (9).jpg
That's me and my wife Elizabeth, celebrating Life!
Are they padded, Bweaves, to keep them comfortable? Are they circlets to keep them stable?
BWeaves, you look wonderful in your "plates" tiaras!

So when the world conquers covid, and we can all be together again, our dear moderator Douglas will wear his kilt, a tiara, and bring the lovely Elizabeth along :)!
Definitively CathyKeshi! If we do have another Pearl-Ruckus or Pearls by the Bay or even a Pearl Dinner during the Tucson Gem Show I will certainly show up with my Kilt! And I would love to bring my wife too...thing is she is usually with our teenager daughters...teenagers. Yes, teenagers ;)
RAWR!!! Looking good Douglas. Your wife is a lucky lady.

The tiaras are not padded. They don't need to be. They are not heavy at all. As long as the sides have long arms, they are easy to wear, because I slip the arms under my hair. There are also loops at the ends for pinning a bobby pin through, or attaching an elastic around the back. The tiaras were easier to wear when my hair is longer. My hair is pixie short right now, so the tiaras are a bit tricky. But you also have to walk like you have a book perched on your head, so it's all about bearing and standing up straight and not bending over.
Thank you, Bweaves. You looked great, your hair does too!
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Cool kilt, Douglas. Wonderful photo of you and your beautiful Elizabeth!
Ah, Douglas, the trick is to just bring the teens along ... we'd outnumber them, and likely scare them into silence ... they'll be very well behaved for a long time after ;)