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  • Hi Mr Brossard,

    I noticed how well detailed your posts are, the kind definitely not written by just simple aficionados. I am just wondering what field of work do you do other than (my best guess from your pictures) a marine biologist?

    I myself am in the aquaculture business and very fond of the sea. In fact, my company's motto is OMNE VIVUM EX OSIANIS. :D

    Best Regards,
    Hello! How are you?

    No, I'am not working in a pearl farm, my parents have been in the import/export of sea shells and its bi-product since the 70's thus we had acquired those pearl through local divers/dealers that brought/sold it to us.

    I'am sure it came from the wild, NOT from a pearl farm, through local indigenous tribe of Badjaos who sail/dive for a living, then sell there daily catch. I believe it was found in the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas,Philippines.

    Are you fond of pearls?
    Or shell collector? You seem to have knowledge of sea shells. :)
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