My Visit to Atlas Pearl farm in Bali

The ketchup "good morning" is a really cute touch. Japanese put ketchup on their omelets. I guess people in Bali do the same! I love all that lush tropical vegetation and I would have loved that hike and waterfall, esp the bridge! What was the highlight of your trip?
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Thanks a lot for sharing this with us - looks like you had a lovely time, great story and pictures - thanks again!
Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Red.

The pearls you purchased are beautiful. I assume you are changing the pendant setting to yellow gold to match your little h keshi earrings? I do really like the red gold bale. Perhaps you can reuse it to set a colorful Tahitian or Fiji pearl. Gellner does some necklaces with red gold and Fiji pearls.
Thank you for taking us with you, Red. Your trip was glorious!
Wonderful travel log!!!! Thank you for taking us a long. I can't wait to see your new pearls at the ruckus very soon ;)
Thank you so much Red! This was a delightful travelog; I love the pure joy on you and your husband's faces :)
I loved reading this travelogue! Every time you wear those incredible pearls, they will remind you of the amazing experiences you had and the memories they created!!
Oh wow, what a great thread. So glad the prize trip went to such a lovely lady!
Thank you for sharing, Red! It's so wonderful to see the images of you and your hubby, enjoying your Bali adventure!! The photos are fabulous!
Thank you baby nurse, Pearl Dreams, JerseyPearl, Sanippy, amti, Floridapearl, KaySD, BWeaves, newberry, CathyKeshi, Pearly-Whites, Sea Urchin, and SunSeeker.

An update on my Atlas pearls. I dropped by my jewelers yesterday and left the pearls to have granulated gold Bali settings attached. I love the granulated gold work that is done in Bali, and I always wanted these Bali pearls to have granulated gold style findings. The 22kt gold pendant finding has a tanzanite and I picked it up from Eastern Trade Winds during my visit while in Bali. I purchased the 18kt gold earwires from Kamoka, who happened to have these on hand. My newly "Balinized" Bali SS pearls from Atlas should be ready by the end of June.

Pearls 20170610_154727.jpg
What a beautiful trip! Your pearls will be a wonderful touchstone :)

Thank you, MSC. Yes, these are very special pearls when you pick them out yourself at the farm where they were grown in Bali.
I have been eyeing his pendant findings...they look gorgeous on line. I can't wait to see yours finished.

I think this is the vendor photo of my pendant finding. Unfortunately, Edi told us in person that with recent gold price fluctuations, that they won't be carrying as many gold findings. I'm sure you can special order if you are getting enough to make it worth their while, however.

The brightness of the gold is really going to set those gorgeous pearls off!
I'm going to admit that I was so envious of the winner for this trip that it has taken me a while to bring myself to reading the thread! However, having read it, I thought I would add some pictures of my own Atlas pearls that I purchased from them in 2006.

I had purchased shares in Atlas on the Australian stock exchange and ended up researching pearl production. After making a little money on the shares (sold long ago), I spent some of it purchasing these earrings. The bank rang me to check the visa charge taken in Indonesia! They remain the most expensive pearls I have purchased, as the local NZ duty charges and fees added about 30%.

These are 10 - 11mm drop pearls, which was the largest size I could afford in their top grade. The photos below were taken in early morning daylight here. I've included the local Indonesian jewellery box that they came in.

It was also, when researching these pearls, that I stumbled onto reading PG-forum, although it took me a lot longer before I finally signed up.
Gorgeous. I love the drops with the swirly finding.

And that tanzanite pendant is gorgeous. And the Kamoka earring findings are gorgeous.

I've run out of ways to say gorgeous.